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There several reasons why Uganda gorilla permits are scarce. Many people have gorilla trekking as number one on the to do list but when they try to book a gorilla safari, it becomes a challenge due shortage of gorilla permits in either countries that are home to mountain gorillas. For one to trek mountain gorillas, he/she must book or secure a gorilla permit for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes National Park or virunga National Park. Of all countries, Uganda gorilla permits are sought after resulting to scarcity. The below reasons can help to explain why Uganda gorilla permits are scarce and why you need to contact Encounter Africa Safaris to secure your gorilla permit in Advance

Uganda gorilla permits are scarce due to the Rwanda factor

One of the main reasons why Uganda gorilla permits are scarce is the Rwanda factor. In their effort to promote and package Rwanda as a luxury destination, the government of Rwanda decided to increase the price of Rwanda gorilla permits for gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park from USD750.00 to USD1500.00. This therefore made Rwanda an extremely expensive destination for the majority people planning to trek mountain gorillas. The only viable and alternative option is Uganda where gorilla permits are still affordable. All those that are supposed to book gorilla safaris in Rwanda have ended up coming to Uganda.

Congo Insecurity factor as a reason why Uganda gorilla permits are scarce

One cannot rule out the Congo insecurity factor when it comes to reasons why Uganda gorilla permits are scarce. It should be noted that Congo compared to Uganda and Rwanda has the lowest price for gorilla permits and still offers discounted gorilla permits during low seasons. Infact, Congo had emerged as a serious competitor in the region after the increase of Rwanda gorilla permits. With the increased insecurity which has always resulted in ambushing and killing both rangers and tourists, this part of the world called congo has been avoided hence piling pressure on Uganda gorilla permits. The people who could have booked gorilla safaris in Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo end up in Uganda hence gorilla permit scarcity.

Encounter Africa safaris has and continues to successfully book and secure gorilla permits to all our clients who book all inclusive gorilla safaris to Rwanda or Uganda. We can do this in advance or on a short notice. Whether you are looking at booking a 3 Day gorilla safari from Entebbe or 3 day Uganda gorilla tour from Kigali, Encounter Africa safaris remains your reliable partner for gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. For more information about our packages, services and so much more, please contact us via email and for reviews about our service please visit our Trip Advisor Account or Safari Bookings page.

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