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We do offer gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda for both budget and up market clients. Reading through most of our literature, you will discover that gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Volcanoes National Park is well organized. This organization is due to team work right from the park headquarters to gorilla trackers and guides who work tirelessly to make sure that that you get to see the gorillas. When you purchase your gorilla permit at USD600.00 for high season or USD350 for low season in Uganda and or USD750.00 for Rwanda, you expect to see gorillas on your trek. Indeed chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda is 95% and the one reason why this is so is the work done my gorilla tracking guides and rangers. Why tip a gorilla guides and trackers is one question that always comes up and in this article, we will try to explore reasons at to why you should do so.

Why tip gorilla guides and trackers

Gorilla trackers or guides or rangers are trained staffs who make sure that your gorilla trekking session is not only enjoyable but also successful. Gorilla trackers wake up early in the morning everyday to trace/track where given mountain gorilla families are. This involves hard working and time keeping as they have to find these mountain gorillas and inform staff at park headquarters in time. Once gorillas are found, then you will be your gorilla guide who will then guide you to the forest to look for mountain gorillas. He does not only lead you to gorillas but he will try as much as possible to identify other animals, plants, shrubs and try to explain and give you more knowledge about them as you proceed to gorillas. Gorilla guides and trackers try so much to enhance your gorilla trekking experience and they do this day in day out hence the reason to tip gorilla guides and tracker.

Please note that tipping is not a compulsory, it is just an appreciation of a good service offered to you by these gorilla guides during your trek. You may decide to tip or not but when you do so, these guides and trackers will be encouraged to offer a better service to you and other guests in future. We normally advise a tip between 5-10 Dollars or equivalent in Uganda shillings per person in your group.

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