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Gorilla permits in Rwanda cost USD750.00 per person per trek a price that is higher that of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorilla permits in Uganda cost USD600.00 per person per trek while in Democratic Republic of Congo a permits goes for USD300.00 per person per trek.

A gorilla permit is a document/Receipt/Card given to any client tourist to visit a given family of Habituated mountain gorillas and without it you can not do so. It allows you to spend one hour with mountain gorillas and then leave them to feed and enjoy themselves for the rest of the hours.

There has been several arguments as to why a permit for trekking gorillas are expensive compared to Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and the below are reasons being fronted

That Volcanoes National Park is easily accessible. That it is only three hours drive from Kigali Airport to Volcanoes National Park for gorillas and then back to the Airport. This therefore allows less driving time if from the city to the park compared to Uganda where one has to drive eight to nine hours from Entebbe International Airport to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

That the experience is better in Rwanda. There has been some arguments that gorilla tracking is easier in Rwanda compared to Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. They also present an argument that mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park can easily be viewed compared to those in Uganda and DRC which sometimes hide in the impenetrable forests

There has been another argument fronted that mountain gorillas in Rwanda are well habituated, bigger and friendly compared to those in Uganda. Thus they would rather pay highly to have a great experience. Some of these arguments’ have definitely been dismissed as baseless

The above not withstanding, gorilla trekking experience can be enjoyed in all the three countries save for Democratic Republic of Cogo where we still have insecurity. Half of the world’s mountain gorillas are scattered in the Bwindi Impenetrable National park while the rest are shared by the three countries in the Virunga Ranges. Uganda offers a chance to tourists to track gorillas at a discounted rate of USD350.00 per person per trek in low season months of April, May and November

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