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Why Africa is hard to sell

Africa is one continent that is well endowed with many tourist attractions but the continent has found it difficult to attract many tourists from around the whole world.

Talk about mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo, the source of the Nile and the beautiful lakes in Uganda. The oceans and beaches in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. The migrating beast and vast wildlife in East and South Africa among others. The pyramids of Egypt and the great history of west Africa should be enough to attract tourists to this beautiful continent. They diverse culture and hospitable people should be another reason to attract people to visit.

An interview with some of the tourists that have visited Africa indicates that Africa is an expensive destination as one has to part with lots of money to enjoy a tour in any of the African countries. One tourist from Canada pointed out that a ticket from Canada to Uganda is very expensive and others prefer to hang out or tour areas closer to their countries.

They also noted that when they visited Uganda, the service, attractions and people’s hospitality was beyond what they expected. They said that in most cases people in their home countries are hesitant to pay an expensive tour without knowing what the experience will be. That unlike other countries that are cheap and yet offer incredible experience, it’s hard to measure the experience that one will get.

Most African countries are not marketed and as such they attract very few high profile tourist. African countries are called upon to invest lots of money in order to attract more tourists.

Media houses all over the world never report good things that are in Africa. They always show wars, people suffering instead of the beautiful attractions as mentioned above. This has typically hampered and scared away most potential tourists.

Of recent ebola became a major problem leading to the would be potential tourists to stop all their plans to visit Africa and those who had booked and confirmed safaris ended up cancelling. Ebola affected most west African countries and because of lack of enough knowledge, even tourists who had booked tours in East Africa had to cancel.

Terrorist alerts have also become a problem in as far as tourism development in Africa is concerned. Many countries including Uganda and Kenya have suffered due to threats from Alshabab. Kenya has been the most affected as the country was hit three times.

There is no doubt that Africa will at one time become a world’s major tourist destination if all countries market their countries, try to develop infrastructure such as roads, hotels and provide security. Developed countries should also start looking at African countries as development partners other than looking at them as countries that need foreign aid.

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