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Encounter Africa safaris leads in organizing gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda National Park. We book for you gorilla permits, organize transport, accommodation and all services to make your tour memorable. We also realize that Uganda is not about gorillas only. There several activities that you can participate in to make your stay longer and understand this country Uganda popularly known as the pearl of Africa.

Did you know that Uganda is the source of the longest river on planet earth? River Nile starts its long journey through Sudan and Egypt to Mediterranean sea from Uganda in a district called Jinja. There many countries that have tried to claim the source of the Nile including Rwanda but the truth of the matter is that River Nile source is in Jinja and it can be clearly seen that river waters separate themselves from Lake Victoria waters at this point. While in Uganda, you can take this opportunity to visit Jinja which is only two hours from the capital city kampala to visit the source of the nile as well as participating in activities such as kayaking and white water rafting.

Did you also know that while in Uganda for gorilla tracking, you can as well hike mountain Rwenzori? Did you also know that mountain Rwenzori is the longest mountain ranges in the whole of Africa? Did you know that mountain Rwenzori has snowcapped peaks yet it is located along the equator? While in Uganda, please consider visiting or hiking Rwenzori Mountains which has been described as more challenging compared to Kilimanjaro and mount Kenya.

Did you know that Uganda has many cultures compared to many east African countries? With this diversity in cultures, tourists are assured of an enriched cultural experience while in Uganda. In the central we have the Baganda and their Buganda kingdom, in the east we have the basoga, bamasaba while in the west we have the banyankole, bakiga, batoro as well as banyoro, in the north we have the choli, langi and in the north east we have the popular karimajongo warriors. Each of the above mentioned ethnic groups have different ways of leaving and behaviours and you will be surprised if you visit any.

Did you know that kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park has the highest concentration of hippos in the whole world? Did you also know that it is the largest and longest natural channel in the whole world as well? Its on this channel that tourists are able to spot over 400 of the 600 water bird species in Queen Elizabeth National Park. During a two hour boat ride on kazinga channel, tourists are exposed to other wild animals than once can see on any game drives in Uganda.

Did you know that by tracking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you will be making a record of visiting the only forest in the world where chimpanzees coexist with mountain gorillas? This is Uganda for you and it is not yet discovered by many. For more information about what to do in Uganda, kindly contact our tour consultants and they will advise you accordingly.

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