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Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking is thought to be the best gorilla tracking experience in the world. Volcanoes National Park located in the northern part of Rwanda is part of the wide Virunga ranges shared between Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s in Volcanoes National Park that some of the endangered mountain gorillas live. In this article we look at interesting facts about Volcanoes National Park gorilla trekking

Cost of Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking permit

All those interested in Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking must acquire a gorilla permit from Rwanda Development board. Encounter Africa Safaris books Volcanoes NP gorilla permits on behalf of its clients as long as we get all details on when you want to trek, number of people in the group as well as if you are Foreign nonresidents, Residents or East Africans. The price of Volcanoes NP gorilla permit is currently at USD750.00 for foreign nonresidents, USD375 for Foreign residents in Rwanda, USD450 for East African Foreign residents (Residents in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Southern Sudan) and USD300 for East African citizens. To book your gorilla permit to trek Rwanda gorillas, Encounter Africa Safaris will require your passport details as they are needed by Rwanda Development board. Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking can only be guaranteed only if you acquire your Rwanda gorilla permit. Contact Encounter Africa Safaris for more details on the above

When should I book my Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking tour.

Encounter Africa Safaris organizes Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours to Volcanoes National park to trek the endangered mountain gorillas. It is advised that you book your gorilla trek at least 3-5 months in advance. Volcanoes NP gorilla tracking is one of the sought after activity and sometimes Rwanda gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly. This mostly happens in high season months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February when rains are relatively low and nobody would like to trek Rwanda gorilla in rainy season if there is a chance to avoid it. If Encounter Africa safaris is contacted, we will arrange to book your Rwanda gorilla permits before they run out of stock at Rwanda development Board, book your accommodation and organize your transfers to and from Volcanoes National Park. Encounter Africa safaris has been organizing gorilla safaris to Rwanda and by contacting us, you will benefit from our health experience that has been acquired overtime

Volcanoes NP Gorilla trekking minimum days.

Unlike Uganda where one is required to set aside three days for a gorilla tour. You can do Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking tour in one day much as this depends on where one is at the day of gorilla tracking. It is possible to drive very early from Kigali, trek gorillas and return back on the same day. While this options is possible, it is not advised since it requires waking up early, driving in misty roads, worrying whether you will arrive at the Park headquarters in time and also trekking gorillas and be able to return back for your departure flight. If you are in Ruhengeri province of Rwanda, it is possible to do 1 day gorilla excursion. Encounter Africa safaris therefore advises that those interested in trekking gorillas in Volcanoes National Park should at least plan to spend minimum of 2 days and one night for such gorilla treks in Volcanoes NP. We will look at your arrival and departure flight details and advise you on the best way to handle your gorilla tour in Volcanoes National Park. For a relaxed gorilla safari in Volcanoes National Park, one should plan to spend at least three days since you will have the first day for travelling, second day for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and the last day for travelling back to Kigali Airport for your departure flight out

What else can I combine with Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking

Rwanda, a country with a thousand hills has several optional tourist attractions that can be combined with Volcanoes National Park gorilla trekking. On the history side of it, one should not miss to visit the Genocide Memorial center commonly referred to as the Genocide Museum. Located in Kigali City, this genocide Museum will give you an insight on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda where many people were killed. You may also visit other museums including the National Museum in Butale and the Kings palace in the same area to get some ideas about the history of Rwanda. Other interesting sites to visit are Nyungwe Forest home for habituated chimpanzees, birds as well as nature and canopy walks. You may also wish to visit lake Kivu for relaxation and a boat cruise after your gorilla trekking activity in Volcanoes national Park. For Wildlife enthusiast, visiting Akagera national Park for game drive will also enhance your safari experience while in Rwanda. While in Volcanoes National Park, you may also choose to trek habituated golden monkeys or visit Diana Fossey Graves. The choice is yours but Encounter Africa Safaris will endeavor to advice the best option and routing of your planned Rwanda safari if contacted

What is the minimum age for Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking Rwanda

Rwanda Volcanoes National Park gorilla trekking just as in Uganda is a standard tourist activity and all the countries where mountain gorillas live, the minimum age for seeing or tracking gorillas is 15 years and above. Anyone who is below 15 years will not be allowed to trek gorillas in Volcanoes National Park unless if it is agreed upon with park officials (Terms and conditions apply). There several reasons why the minimum age for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park was put at 15 years and above. One of the reason for fixing the age of gorilla trekking in Rwanda at 15 years and above is that children below 15 tend to have communicable diseases to the already endangered mountain gorillas since they chare many common things with human beings. The other reason is that you will never know how a child will react after seeing the mountain gorillas. To avoid such incidences as well as for the betterment of mountain gorillas, taff measures have to be ensured in order to protect the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Its for this reason that passport details are always asked before a gorilla permit for Volcanoes National Park is issued. Rwanda Tourism Board reserves the right to allow or deny anyone to trek gorillas should they detect that he/she is still under age. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for details about minimum age for gorilla tracking in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park gorilla trekking accommodation options

Rwanda has several accommodation options for those interested in Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking. Depending on your budget, Encounter Africa Safaris is in position to advise the best option. In most cases, accommodation will range from USD50 (BB) in a guest house to up to USD900 per person in a luxury facility. Otherwise many Lodges and Hotels have sprang up in Kivu as well as Ruhengeri and one can book a budget, midrange or Luxury Lodges where he will stay during is gorilla holiday in Volcanoes National Park. Most Popular up market Lodges include Virunga Volcanoes Lodge, Sabinyo Silverback Lodge, Lebambou Gorilla Lodge and Mountain Gorilla View Lodge (Mid-Range category) and several others in budget category

Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking experience has been described as the best in the world. We have had many reviews on Volcanoes NP gorilla tracking and many clients are always satisfied with the whole arrangement from Rwanda gorilla permit booking, briefing, actual Rwanda gorilla trekking and certificates issued. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for an affordable but memorable gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda’s volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes NP gorilla trekking requires a lot of details if you are to get the best experience out of it. Benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience by contacting on of our staff at Encounter Africa Safaris

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