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There several tourist activities that can be done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. These include bird watching, primate identification, forest and nature walk but still, you can combine volcano hiking and gorilla tracking most especially in Kisoro region. Kisoro Region of Uganda allows you to track gorillas and save time to hike volcanoes such as Muhavura, Sabinyo and Mgahinga.

Volcano hiking and gorilla tracking in Uganda

Volcano hiking and gorilla tracking in Uganda will normally require a minimum of four days as you have to drive or fly to Kisoro on the first day, hike Muhavura, Sabinyo or Mgahinga the second day, go gorilla tracking the third day and return back to Kigali or Entebbe on the fourth day. If interested in one of the activities, minimum number of days are three.

In South western Uganda, there three popular volcanoes that lie at the boarder of three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. They lie in the popular virunga region together with other volcanoes in Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. A total of eight volcanoes do exist in the viruga region and are divided amongst the three mentioned countries. It’s from this that you can decide to enjoy volcano hiking and gorilla tracking in Uganda.

Mountain Muhavura or Muhabura as locally known to the Bafumbira and Bakiga people is the highest volcano on the Ugandan side and second highest in the chain of eight volcanoes in the viruga region. Muhavura stands at 4127m above sea level and or 13540ft above sea level. Those interested in hiking Muhavura can do so through Rwanda or Uganda as it is shared amongst these countries. Once on top though challenging, you can enjoy stunning views of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democrating republic of Congo. If you are into swimming, you may enjoy one as there is a crater lake on top of this volcano. Muhabura is a local word which means guide so it has a rich history in the region as it used to direct or guide people moving on foot from one region to the other. Whenever they would get lost while going to Kabale or Kisoro, they would look out for this volcano for direction. You can therefore combine volcano hiking and gorilla tracking in Uganda by trying out Muhabura.

The other two interesting volcanoes that can be hiked on the Ugandan side are Mgahinga and Sabinyo. Apart from gorilla tracking, you can hike Mountain Mgahinga which stands at 3474 meters above sea level or try out Sambinyo locally meaning teeth of an old woman due to its shape at the peak. We now offer tours to hike volcanoes and tracking gorillas. Contact us for details on costs, dates and best time foe volcano hiking and gorilla tracking in Uganda

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