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UWA to give AUTO free gorilla permits as commission

Uganda Wildlife Authority is set to start giving free mountain gorilla permits to Members of The Uganda Association of Tour Operators as commission for the permits they book on behalf of their clients from Uganda Wildlife Authority. This was mentioned my the chair person of Association of Uganda Tour Operators during their annual general meeting which was held at Serena Hotel on 25th June 2015.

According to the Chairperson Mrs Babra Adoso, Uganda Wildlife Authority will start offering free permits for every thirty permits booked by members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators. A Memorandum of Understanding between Uganda Wildlife Authority and Association of Uganda Tour operators will be signed on 1st July where ever after three months, UWA will count how many permits that have been purchased by members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators in order to come out with the number of permits to be issued out to AUTO as commission. Once these permits are received, AUTO will then sell them at an agreed discounted rate to their members so that Tour Operators can make their packages cheaper and the sales to benefit AUTO in their day to day running of the office.

This was supported by the Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority Dr. Andrew Seguya who recognised Tour operators under AUTO as their main partners in tourism. He said that Uganda Wildlife Authority is now on good terms with AUTO as compared to previous regimes where they were at logger heads. He commended monthly meetings between UWA and AUTO and said that UWA is looking forward to new innovation to make Uganda a better destination.

Once this arrangement is in place, it will replace the suspended commission arrangement where Uganda Wildlife Authority used to give USD10.00 per permit purchased by Members of Association for Uganda Tour Operators. This was indeed greeted with cheers from members present at the meeting as it will increase on the revenue of the association which is always needed for the day today running of the association as well as marketing and promoting tourism on behalf of the members.

The chairperson noted that all AUTO members will be requested by UWA to update their credentials so that once a member purchased a permit at UWA, it is then recorded properly. Some members questioned on how these permits given to AUTO will be allocated since each member will love to have a share yet permits are few compared to members of AUTO. The treasure however informed members that they will sit and discuss on how these permits will be distributed not to cause any havoc among member.

Many issues were discussed and we will be bringing you details in our next issue. Meeting ended with a cocktail party sponsored by Serena Hotel Kampala. For all those interested in benefiting from these discounted gorilla permits whose prices are yet to be determined by Association of Uganda Tour Operators, please contact us and we will provide details.

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