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Uganda wildlife Authority has followed the example of Rwanda Development Board in providing availability to Uganda Tour Operators. Every morning Rwanda Development board provides/sends a spread sheet to all registered Tour operators in Rwanda showing all available gorilla permits for a given period. This helps tour operators to provide availability of gorilla permits to their international Agents and individual tourist

On 5th August 2014, Uganda Wildlife Authority provided the first gorilla permit spread sheet to Registered tour operators through their umbrella organization-The Association of Uganda Tour Operators. This was followed by another one on 10th August meaning that UWA is willing to work with the new board of AUTO to ease availability of gorilla permit.

Initially all Tour operators would have to call Uganda Wildlife Authority reservations office to find out gorilla and chimp permit availability and this would take some time this department is understaffed and staff would take long to respond resulting into delays and sometimes loss of business. With this new development, we can now provide availability in the shortest possible time

This development was arrived at when the new AUTO board discussed with UWA on best ways to improve their service and relationship. It should be noted that the relationship had went sour when UWA proposed that it was going to put gorilla permits online to be viewed and booked by all. AUTO condemned this at it was going to push Uganda Tour Operators out of Business since a gorilla permit is a bite to sell other attractions in Uganda. Following a select committee’ recommendation, it was later decided that gorilla permits be put online but the right to view and book them should be given to only registered Uganda tour operators. As Uganda Wildlife Authority is planning to put gorilla permits online, they have for the meantime followed Rwanda by supplying a spread sheet to all Tour operators in order to provide a picture of available permits for a given period of time

At Encounter Africa Safaris, we do book gorilla and chimpanzee permits on behalf of our clients free of charge as long as you book an all inclusive tour package with us. Please do provide us with all your travel plans and we will give you adequate advice

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