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According the a consultative meeting between Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) and Association of Uganda Tour Operators (Auto) it was proposed that USD150 to reschedule Uganda gorilla permits be introduced and to be charged on all those who will be interested in changing gorilla permits from old or original dates to new dates eight days to trekking dates. Uganda Wildlife Authority has been allowing tour operators to reschedule gorilla permits as long as the change is done at least two weeks to the trekking date without any fee.

Why USD150 to reschedule Uganda gorilla permits?

When gorilla trekking had just started in Uganda, gorilla permits would be booked for a given date and were not allowed to be moved or transferred to another date. As time went on, Uganda wildlife authority relaxed stances by allowing Tour Operators in Uganda to reschedule gorilla permits. One is required to write an official later asking for gorilla permits reschedule, one has to indicate the old dates and the new dates where he wants these gorilla permits to be moved to. Once at Uganda Wildlife Authority, reservations officers will check availability of permits for your new dates and if present, he/she will instruct you to put in your request. Permits to be rescheduled must be paid in full beforehand and it may two to seven working days to approve this.

There many reason why USD150 to reschedule Uganda gorilla permits is likely to succeed. When imposed, tour operators will be forced to work within dates or before 8 weeks to the trekking date. Encounter Africa safaris organizes gorilla safaris to Uganda and Rwanda and should have any problems with your program and you want to reschedule your Uganda Gorilla permits, our staff will be ready to help you to go through the above process. We will keep you updated on any developments in the industry.

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