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Yesterday Uganda and Kenya walk up to news from United Kingdom and United States Embassies that Al shabab is planning to hit some white hangout spots in Uganda and Kenya. Places sited include shopping malls, hotels, Lodges and Bars in Kampala and Mombasa for Kenya. US went ahead to suspend most visits to Uganda and Kenya. .

They argue that Al shabab is retaliating Kenya and Uganda’s stay in Somalia to fight them. The same embassies had issued same statement last year and nothing happened. Uganda Government has confirmed that these threats have been around for some time just like in any other countries in the whole world. .

The new vision came out and reported that the private sector lead by Uganda Tourism Board informed the whole world that Uganda was safe and tourists where free to visit this beautiful country. That Uganda is and has been on the forefront of fighting insecurity and terrorism in the region and as such, what these two countries had done were barbaric and un called for. They said that this could lead to cancellations resulting into losses. They also mentioned that Uganda is more safe than United Kingdom and United Sates of America and that when Frances was attached, there was no super power who came out to say that France was not safe for travel instead they all rallied behind them and gave them their support. .

The private sector in Uganda is proposing to engage these two countries to chat the way forward. They want support to do business and not aid. .

Uganda remains one of the potential country in Africa with hosts of may tourist attractions including the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga, the source of river nile which is the longest river on the planet, lake victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and has many beaches, Rwenzori mountain which has snow capes yet located on the equator. .

The country has been experiencing relative peace for the last 30 years ever since president Museveni and the National Resistance Government took over power. The Country has also been at the fore front of fighting for peace in neighboring countries starting with Rwanda after the genocide, The deomocratic republic of Congo, Somalia, southern Sudan and was paramount in as far as supporting the fight of Ebola in west Africa. .

With such efforts, the government of Uganda finds it un necessary on the way the UK and USA embassy did to spread such information that might end up affecting sectors such as tourism which earn Uganda some foreign money. .

We invite you to Uganda to enjoy the beauty of the country. We offer tailor made safaris and small group tours fitting in your budget, interest and time. We are one of the few companies that offer affordable safaris with a high level of professionalism and we are committed to community development and environmental conservation. .

Uganda remains peaceful and our friends should be careful when spread such information.

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