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Uganda will not increase gorilla permit price during 2018/2019 period. This will was revealed by representatives from Uganda Wildlife Authority during a consultative meeting with the association of Uganda Tour Operators. The debate to increase or maintain the price of gorilla permit price in Uganda was sparked off by Rwanda who hiked their gorilla permits from USD750 to USD1500.00 which is double the price.

Why Uganda will not increase permit price

During the meeting to discuss possible tariff changes for the period, 2018/2019, Uganda wildlife Authority confirmed to members of Association of Uganda tour operators that Uganda will not increase gorilla permit price so as to attract more tourist numbers for the change made by Rwanda government. With maintenance of gorilla permit price at USD600.00, Uganda which has been competing with Rwanda now looks an affordable gorilla trekking destination. Many tourists are now booking Uganda gorilla permits instead of Rwanda gorilla permits due to the hike. While Uganda will not increase gorilla permit price from USD600, it has been proposed that discounted gorilla permits which were being offered by Uganda Wildlife Authority in the months of April, May and November will be scrapped off so that gorilla trekking as a tourist product is not looked at as cheap in Uganda. All these remain proposals but at a right time, UWA will confirm its position on the above. Encounter Africa Safaris, your source of latest news of gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda will always be available to update you on any new developments in these two countries.

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