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The government of Uganda has considered reducing visa fees from USD100 to USD50.00 for all those entering Uganda for tourism and or visiting relatives and friends. Uganda had increased visa fees from USD50 to USD100 in the last financial year as the country struggled to raise the required amount of Dollars and other foreign currencies. This move was strongly resisted and protested by tourism stakeholders who urged that by increasing visa fees from USD50.00 to USD100 would cripple the growing tourism sector since it would look very expensive in the eyes of a tourist. Uganda’s neighboring countries of Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya did not increase visa fees yet they have a tourism competitive edge over Uganda

Reasons why Uganda visa from USD100 to USD50 will succeed

After a series of consultative meetings between government and the private sector, government is now considering reducing the fee back to USD50.00. According to tourism stakeholders and the private sector, the increased visa fees were making Uganda an expensive tourism destination meaning that tourists were to start looking at our neighbors in order to cut the cost. We hope that reducing Uganda visa from USD100 to USD50 will yield positive results

In the meantime, Tanzania has agreed to join the East African tourist visa meaning that a tourist can now visit five countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania for a period of three months with one visa. East Africa tourist visa costs USD100 and allows you to visit any of the east African countries. Once can obtain it at any entry point of a given member country. Marketing and selling East Africa as a single tourism destination is hoped to increase and attract tourists to visit more than one country when they choose East Africa. Encounter Africa Safaris is dedicated to making sure that you secure the best deals to make your safari affordable. We organize tours to Uganda and Rwanda to trek the famous and endangered mountain gorillas and other tourists attractions in these two countries. Thus reducing Uganda visa from USD100 to USD50 will be an added advantage to the tourists and the private sector

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