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The ministry of Internal Affairs and the Uganda government would like to inform all those travelling to Uganda that Uganda visa fees are back to USD50 from USD100 as it has been for the past one year. Encounter Africa Safaris was the first to break this news last year and this has come to pass. All Uganda boarders and entry points have been notified of this change which takes effect from 22nd July 2016.

Reason why Uganda visa fees are back to USD50 from USD100

One of the reason as to why Uganda visa fees are back to USD50 from USD100 is to promote the tourism sector which is the country’s leading foreign exchange earner. This comes at a time when the government of Uganda has also introduced the application of her visa online. For those booking tours to Uganda should contact their tour operators on details required.

This move of amending Uganda visa from USD100 to USD50 has been welcomed by the tourism fraternity in Uganda due to the fact that will slightly reduce on the cost of those interested in visiting Uganda as a tourism destination. Much as Uganda is endowed with many tourist attractions that include the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the chimps of Kibale Forest National Park, the great mountains of the Rwenzori, diverse cultures among others, it has always been seen as an expensive tourist destination.

Amending the visa fees back to USD50 is also seen as a move in the right direction as the country tries to invest in an industry that has been neglect for so long yet year after year has been the leading foreign exchange earner. An independent Ministry of tourism was introduced last year and the budget to market Uganda as a tourism destination also increased.

For more information about visa fees amendments and online visa booking, feel free to contact Encounter Africa safaris located in Entebbe town Uganda.

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