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To many people, Uganda remains an unknown, undiscovered and feared destination compared to Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Enjoying Uganda safari discounts requires one to do research on all components that make up a tourism product. One has to establish times or months when tour operators, Uganda wildlife authority offer Uganda safari discounts in order to determine when to travel. In this article, we will full discuss and explain to all those looking at great offers in order to reduce on safari costs can do it. Encounter Africa safaris ltd is proud to be committed to offering Uganda Safari discounts when ever approached. We not only dwell on discounts only but we ensure that your planned safari to Uganda meets your interests and budget and that the National Parks and or communities visited benefit from your Uganda safari.

Uganda safari discounts with Encounter Africa

Low season Uganda safari discounts and offers

Uganda is one of the countries that offer affordable and exciting low season Uganda safari discounts. Are you interested in gorilla tracking and want to save up to $150 Dollars? Are you interested in trekking chimpanzees and save up to $50 Dollars? The answer for this is not Rwanda or Democratic republic of Congo but Uganda. The months of April, May and November provides an opportunity to cut on your safari costs as you plan to visit Uganda. These extended safari discounts during low season will see you book your gorilla permitUganda Safari discounts not at the usual $600.00 but at $450.00 hence saving $150.00 off each gorilla permit. Besides that, you are able to save $50.00 off each Kibale chimp permit booked in April, May and November. $200 savings can then be used to cater for transport and other tour components. What a discount and country to Visit? The value attached to this is that you are visiting a country with half the number of endangered mountain gorillas. Over 400 mountain gorillas are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is a world heritage site as per UNESCO Declaration. Come and enjoy Uganda safari discounts during Low season. Don’t forget that its only in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that chimpanzees co-exist with Mountain gorillas. We encourage you to visit Uganda by combining gorillas and chimpanzees at a discounted rate. Encounter Africa Safaris offers Uganda safari discounts on our 5 day gorilla and chimp safari during April, May and November. You can join a group or book this privately in order to benefit from our offers.

Uganda Safari Discounts from Lodges

Encounter Africa safaris is proud to inform all those intending to book safaris to Uganda that we offer the lowest Uganda safari discounts due to our long term good working relationships with lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, around lake Bunyonyi among other tourism site in Uganda. These Uganda safari discounts accruing from this good relationships with lodges are then extended to you. There is no wonder that Encounter Africa safaris is one of the companies that offer the lowest price for gorilla and other wildlife safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We are given discounted and contract rates which we are always proud to extend to our esteemed potential clients. Are you looking for Uganda safari discounts? Contact Encounter Africa safaris in order to benefit from reduced safari costs.

Uganda Safari discounts on Vehicles

One of the factors to be considered while planning a safari to Africa is the cost of transport. You will need to fly or drive from one place to another. You are better off contacting a tour company that has its own vehicles. Companies that hire out vehicles can never give you any discount on transport. Encounter Africa safaris operate and owns a fleet of safari vehicles and as such capable of offering Uganda safari discounts when necessary. Our vehicles are comfortable, insured and always serviced and maintained to offer the needed comfort while on safari. These vehicles are driven by professional and well trained driver guides very knowledgeable in as far as information on Uganda’s flora, fauna and culture is concerned.

There is no better way to get the best out of Uganda other than contacting Encounter Africa Safaris ltd. We will advise you on how to benefit from Uganda safari discounts, give you timely advice, attend to all your emails in time with reliable advice and book all your services as requested to give you ample time to enjoy your safari. Contact us for group or tailor made safaris

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