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When booking any safari to Uganda, you need to look at Uganda safari costs and price issues involved and factors influencing the cost of any given Uganda safari package. Uganda is one of Africa’s fine and prime destination and there no reasons why one should repute it being the peal of Africa. While Uganda is still uncovered, it remains one of Africa’s safari germs to look out for. In this article we will try to look at the estimated Uganda safari cost and price and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Factors influencing Uganda safari costs and prices

There costs and related prices one has to incur when planning to visit Uganda as a tourist destination. Our research indicates that there several factors that will influence or affect the price of a given safari booked to visit Uganda. Among these factors is the duration of the safari itself. The more the days, the more the cost. Encounter Africa safaris organizes ranging from two days to more than 21 days. Other factors to look at include the number of people in your group, time of travel as well as your budget.

Gorilla, chimps and golden monkey permit price and cost

Uganda is primarily a primate destination with the highest number of mountain gorillas in the whole world, chimps in Budongo, Karinzu and Kibale among other forests as well as Golden monkeys in Mgahinga. The price of gorilla and chimp permits will influence the overall Uganda safari costs and price. When planning a safari that involves gorilla, golden and chimp trekking, one has to look at the cost of these passes. Effective 1st July 2020, gorilla permits will cost USD700, chimp permits for Kibale will be at 200 while gorilla habituation permits cost USD1500.00 per person.

All these permits whether gorilla and chimp permits include spending one hour with gorilla or chimps, park entry fees, and services of a range guide. Permit fee also includes security as well as a certificate when it comes to gorilla trekking. Gorilla habituation permit cost, on the other hand, includes four hours with mountain gorillas still under habituation. The same applies to chimpanzee habituation experience which is a half-day excursion.

There is a procedure that has to be followed when book gorilla and chimpanzee permits in Uganda. You will have to send us the actual dates when you need to trek gorilla and chimpanzees in Uganda. Once we have these dates, we will check the availability of these permits, get back to you with availability and how to make payment. Once you make a payment, we will buy your gorilla permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority and send you copies of scanned receipts. Gorilla and chimp permit price is set by Uganda Wildlife Authority and are served out on first come first serve. Contact us for details about and how to book these gorilla and chimpanzee permits.

Park entry fees to Uganda National Parks.

Another factor influencing Uganda safari costs and prices include park entry fees. Uganda is a nature best destination with tourism rotating around the 10 national parks located in the different regions of the country. When planning any safari to Uganda that intends to visit some of the forest and savannah national parks, you will have to consider park entry fees for people and vehicles. Park entry tariffs keep changing and when contacted we will advise you accordingly. Park fees to National park allow you 24 hours and once the 24 hours expire you will have to pay again. Park entry fees allow you to do multiple game drives and viewing as long as they are still valid. They do not include vehicle, fuel, and guide (Encounter Africa safaris will organize this on your behalf). Top national parks that you need to consider while planning and costing any Uganda safari is Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kibale National Park, Mgahinga National Park among others.

Park entry fees can be booked at any national park gate but if you want to avoid carrying a lot of cash then you need to prepay them at Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in advance and a card will be issued to you for use. Contact Encounter Africa safaris about paying and picking your park entry fee card in advance.

Uganda safari activities including boat cruises

When planning a Uganda tour and vacation especially long ones, you should highly consider including boat cruises most especially in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. These boat cruises come with a cost which is determined by Uganda Wildlife Authority. On any of the mentioned boat cruises, you actually get to see more wildlife than you can get on any of your planned game drives. Encounter Africa safaris works closely with boat owners and operators and will organize for you a private or scheduled boat cruise in any of Uganda National Parks or one lakes such as Victoria, Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi.

Duration of vacation vis-à-vis Uganda safari costs and price

Uganda safari costs and prices are highly influenced by the number days involved. Long safaris will be slightly expensive compared to short safaris. This is because of the many days as well as activities involved. Cost will involve multiple park entry fees, fuel, vehicle hire, guide fee as well as accommodation in the different places visited.

Number of people vis-à-vis Uganda safari prices

Encounter Africa safaris organizes both private and group Uganda safaris. Private safaris tend to be expensive compared to group tours. Solo travel as attracts more or high price compared to group trips. While looking at Uganda safari costs and prices and how to reduce on expenditure, you will have to consider joining one of our group tours. Group tours tend to reduce on Uganda safari cost due to the fact that some of the elements are shared. Shared elements include transport, fuel, guide as well as accommodation. Encounter Africa safaris organizes group and affordable Uganda safaris of any size to assist you reduce on the overall Uganda safari costs and prices. All we need from you is the number of people, number of days and your interests and budget. For those that want private safaris, we can as well tailor this to suite your budget, interest and time.

Accommodation or Lodge options

Uganda safari costs and prices are also affected by choice of accommodation. Uganda safari destinations have several accommodation options to consider. If you are very sensitive to spending, then you need to consider looking at Budget lodges and hostels. For those have a big budget and you want something out standing, then high end lodges and hotels are available for you. Encounter Africa safaris works with selected luxury lodges in and around Uganda National Parks and we will definitely get you what you want.

Transport options on your Uganda safari

Transport and getting around while in Uganda should be looked at when compiling Uganda safari costs and prices. While in Uganda, you may choose to drive or take a road trip or fly to and from one destination to the other. If you decide to drive from one place to another, you have two options available to you. You may choose to use our Safari Vans or Luxury Land cruisers. Please contact us on the difference in comfort and price. It is also possible to be booked on charter or scheduled internal flights to transport you from Entebbe to other related airstrips spread in different parts of the country.

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