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Uganda primate habituation safaris by Encounter Africa safaris go beyond gorilla trekking which is more touristic and one spends less time with primates. Uganda has three great primate habituation experiences in Mgahinga National Park for golden monkey experience, in Kibale National Park for chimp habituation experience and southern Bwindi (Rushaga) for gorilla habituation experience. Our Uganda primate habituation safaris will take you to one or more of the above mentioned National Park. Encounter Africa safaris can customize primate Habituation safaris from 3 to 3 days to visit gorillas, golden monkeys and chimpanzees in Uganda.

Estimated costs for Uganda primate habituation safaris

Uganda primate habituation safaris include cost of permits, transport, and accommodation and park fees. The price of gorilla habituation experience in Rushaga is currently at USD1500 for 4 hours with gorillas, Golden monkey habituation permit in Mgahinga is at USD100 while chimpanzee habituation permits cost USD220 for you to spend the whole day with chimpanzees in Kibale National Park.

Encounter Africa Safaris Uganda Primate safaris go beyond watching these primates to getting involved in the actual activities leading to eventual habituation of mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and chimpanzees in Uganda. These experiences normally involves waking up early to go to the forest to catch up with this primates as they start their daily activities. Once you have found gorillas, golden monkeys, and or chimpanzees under habituation, you will help researchers by participating in sample collection, naming of these primates and learning more about them. Thus Uganda primate habituation safaris add an additional ingredient of learning other than watching. For more information about Uganda primate habituation safaris, kindly contact one of our safari consultants at Encounter Africa Safaris.

Encounter Africa safaris has several packages that cater for Uganda primate habituation safaris and range from 3 to 6 days. Please check on our 3 day gorilla habituation experience road tour or our 5 day gorilla and chimp habituation experience tour to get more details on what Encounter Africa safaris offer

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