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Are you looking for the most updated information about Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours, safaris or holidays? Look normal as Encounter Africa safaris remains your most trusted source of information, updates and issues that you need to know when it comes to Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safaris. Uganda is one of the three known African countries that are home to some rare primates in the names of mountain gorillas. The other two countries where one can see mountain gorillas are Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Of the three African nations where gorillas live, Uganda has half the total number making her a country with many mountain gorillas both wild un habituated and habituated mountain gorillas.

How to book Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours

Mountain gorilla trekking is as of now one of the most sought after tourist activity and ranks number one for all those tourists coming to Africa. Many people come to visit Uganda primarily because of the existence of mountain gorillas. According to our research findings, most people visit Uganda not because they know the country but because of mountain gorillas. The fact that Uganda is not known to many, booking of Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours, safaris and holidays becomes a challenge. The fact that many tour operators are always available online, it becomes much more harder to select the best tour operator to book your trekking tour.

Booking Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours begins with booking gorilla permits. A gorilla permit is a card issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority at a cost of $600 (up to June 30th 2020) and $700 starting 1st July 2020 that allows you to visit and spend one hour with mountain gorillas in either Bwindi impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. During this one hour, one is allowed to spend one hour with a given habituated mountain gorilla family while observing the behaviors of family members, taking still and simple videos as well as listening from an informative talk of your ranger guide.

How to book your mountain gorilla trekking permit

All gorilla permits are issued and sold by Uganda Wildlife Authority the custodian of all national parks in Uganda including Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. For one to book mountain gorilla permits, you will need to be sure of the date you intend to visit these mountain gorillas in Uganda. It will be against this background that you will need to check availability of mountain gorilla permit on that specific date. There two ways on how you can check availability of Uganda mountain gorilla permits for your date if interest. The first one is the try contacting Uganda Wildlife Authority on phone or email and they will get back to you as soon as they receive and read your email. We have often received complaints that there is slow response when it comes to contacting UWA by phone. The same applies to email response something that has led to potential clients resorting to the second option. The second option is to contact any Uganda registered tour operator to assist you in checking availability of mountain gorilla permits.

Encounter Africa Safaris is one of the leading tour operators that has assisted many tourists to check availability and later book gorilla permits. Encounter Africa safaris has permission to access Uganda Wildlife Authority mountain gorilla permit database and we are able to advise on the number of permits available. Our email and telephone response rate is among the best in Uganda and you will be surprised by how our office staff will respond and handle your inquiry. Once we find that there is availability of mountain gorilla permits, we will hold or reserve them on the system, send you an invoice to make payment and use the sent funds to purchase or secure your gorilla permit. Encounter Africa safaris accepts both credit card and bank transfers so which ever mode of payment you prefer, we will act accordingly.

After paying your Uganda mountain gorilla permit, we will send you scanned copies of the receipts and later cards for your records and perusal. Please note that Encounter Africa safaris can only book your Uganda gorilla trekking permit if you book an all inclusive gorilla trekking safari with us. Feel free to visit our website and choose any Uganda safari that included gorilla trekking and then revert to us. Our tours range from 2 days to up to 21 days or more depending on your budget, time and interest.</p.

Other components of Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours

After booking and securing your Uganda mountain gorilla permit, you will then reserve and book other services around these gorilla permits. For more information about how to go about booking other services such as accommodation and transport to and from the gorilla trekking place, please contact Encounter Africa safaris by email or phone call. Having a gorilla permit in itself is not enough as you will need accommodation and transport to either bwindi impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. Encounter Africa safaris assists in checking availability of rooms in given lodges close to your gorilla starting point and depending on your budget, we will suggest all prices for budget, mid range or Luxury options available for you.

Whether you prefer budget, mid range or luxury lodges, Encounter Africa safaris will advise on availability of lodges in any given region depending on the permit booked. Bwindi impenetrable National Park has four regions of Buhoma in the north, Ruhija in the East, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the north. Gorilla permits in Uganda are booked according to regions meaning that if you book gorilla permits to trek in Buhoma, the best advice is to book lodges in Buhoma and the reverse is true for other regions. When you book your Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari with Encounter Africa safaris, we will cater for your accommodation and lodge arrangement living you with enough time to concentrate on your other work. For more details about lodges and campsites near and around Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga National Park, do contact Encounter Africa safaris by phone or email.

Another component if Uganda mountain gorilla trekking holidays and safaris is transport to and from Bwindi impenetrable National park. Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park are located in the southwestern part of Uganda and is about 9-10 hours drive from Entebbe International Airport which is the main entry point for all flights into Uganda and 4-5 hours drive from Kigali International Airport. Encounter Africa safaris organizes Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safaris and trips from Kigali as well as Entebbe international Airport. The mode of transport to Bwindi impenetrable National Park is by road as well as air. Encounter Africa safaris runs and owns a fleet of Vans, Land Cruisers driven by professional and experienced local English speaking guides and designed for confort during your drive from either Entebbe or Kigali. For those who prefer to fly from Entebbe International Airport to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Encounter Africa safaris will arrange for you charter or scheduled flights to and from Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Please check our website for options on flying safaris as well as road trips to Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

When to book Uganda gorilla treks to Bwindi and Mgahinga

Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours and holidays can be booked anytime of the year. Uganda can be visited all throughout the year due to its favorable climate enjoyed all through. The fact that Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safaris and tours are influenced by the presence and availability of gorilla permits, it is better to start thinking and booking your mountain gorilla safari in advance. This can be done from one year to three months in advance. This helps in avoiding missing out on gorilla permits which normally get sold out quickly. Are you looking for a mountain gorilla tour on a short notice? Do not worry, please contact Encounter Africa safaris and we will check availability of permits and if we find them, you will be good to go.

Where to book Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours

There two national parks where those interested in Uganda mountain gorilla trekking tours can visit. The first and most preferred choice is Bwindi impenetrable National Park. With over half of the endangered number of mountain gorillas and over 18 families of habituated mountain gorilla families, there is no other better place to see or view mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Bwindi mountain gorillas are found in four regions of Rushaga, Nkuringo, Ruhija and Buhoma. If you contact Encounter Africa safaris, we will book you in any of the four mentioned regions of Bwindi impenetrable National Park depending on availability as well as choice of our customers. The second best option where one can book a mountain gorilla trek safari is Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. With only one habituated mountain gorilla family, you will enjoy photography and viewing well habituated mountain gorillas as they feed on shrubs and bamboos.

Key issues about Uganda gorilla trips and holidays

As earlier noted, a gorilla trekking permit is the most important component of any Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari and without it, don’t expect to trek Uganda mountain gorillas in either Bwindi impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. The second key and very important point to note before you decide to organize a gorilla tour to see mountain gorillas in that both Uganda and Rwanda have a gorilla trekking age limit or minimum age for one to be allowed to see gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga. The minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda is at 15 years and above and there is no maximum age. Please contact Encounter Africa safaris at the time of booking your Uganda mountain gorilla safari to establish if you and or your travel partner is eligible for gorilla trekking.

Encounter Africa safaris also caters for the aged in what we refer to as gorilla trekking for the elderly. Are you above 80 years or so and you want to enjoy seeing Uganda mountain gorillas? You may be physically week or disabled by you have a burning desire to see mountain gorillas. The answer is simple and it is yes. It is possible to see mountain gorillas much as you are physically un well or disabled. Encounter Africa safaris organizes porters and sedan chairs for those that are physically unfit or disabled to come to Uganda to see or visit mountain gorillas in the wild. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for more information about Uganda gorilla trekking for the elderly and hiring gorilla trekking sedan chairs.

Why book your Uganda safari with Encounter Africa safaris

If you search online, chances are that you are likely to land on any of our blog posts or pages that talk about mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda. Its not that this is by mistake, we have spent most of our ample time researching about mountain gorilla trekking, frequently asked questions and all information that we think might be useful to those interested in arranging mountain gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda. We have trained our staff both in office and in the field and will answer all questions regard gorilla trekking as well as organizing Uganda safaris. Encounter Africa safaris is run and owned by local Ugandans, born and raised in this beautiful country called the pearl of Africa. We therefore sell what we understand and we believe in being authentic. Our record is not only in providing accurate and timely information but we also boost of some excellent reviews left behind by our lovely clients.

Our online presence is boosted by the many positive reviews on trip advisor as well as Safari bookings. We may not be 100% but we endeavor to offer a better service to all those that contact us. Encounter Africa safaris is a full member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators), is registered and Licensed safari outfit and works closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda tourist board as well as all community and conservation organization. Drop us an email during our working hours and we will respond with the most accurate and helpful answer to enable you arrange your Uganda gorilla trekking holiday with the experts.

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