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It’s now official that Uganda gorilla permits will go on line in in August 2014 enabling all registered and recognized Uganda Tour operators to view, and book them directly in their offices rather than having to contact Uganda Wildlife Authority. With this development, Uganda becomes the second country to ease the problem of checking gorilla permits availability. Rwanda was the first to initiate something like this where every morning all Rwanda tour operators receive updates on availability of gorilla permits.

This initiative was started by Uganda Wildlife Authority after receiving funds from USAID where they wanted to put gorilla permits online to be viewed, booked by both local and international Tour operators. This was strongly opposed by the private sector most especially Ugandan Local tour operators under their umbrella body of The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) who later petition the ministry of Tourism about this matter. A select committee was then formed to address this matter and included members from the communities around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park, Members from the private sector and from the ministry. It was later decide that local tour operators had a point and it was from the resolutions of this committee that it was decided that gorilla permits be put online but only to be viewed and booked by local tour operators in Uganda.

This news was welcomed by local tour operators who think that this will solve the problem of checking gorilla permit availability by calling reservations at Uganda Wildlife Authority who in most cases will not pick calls resulting in delays to make sales.

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