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Finally Uganda gorilla permits online is now available for locally registered tour companies in Uganda. Uganda Wildlife Authority has finally put all gorilla and chimpanzee permits online to be viewed and booked by all Uganda locally registered tour operator. Initially, the issue of putting gorilla permits online had become so hot due to the fact that while Uganda Wildlife Authority wanted gorilla permits to be viewed and booked by everyone all over the world, Uganda tour operators rejected this proposal and further discussion were held. A consensus was reached where gorilla and chimpanzee permits would be put online and only viewed and booked by only Uganda tour operators.

Uganda Gorilla permit online process

This development has been welcomed by Uganda tour operators who can now do all the booking in their office. The system allows tour operators to log in to UWA website, check availability and tentatively book gorilla or chimpanzee permits without necessarily having to call UWA. The system allows you to hold those permits for seven days as you process payments. Once you have booked these gorilla permits online, the system will approve them and can only be confirmed when payments have been made. Many tour operators have now been trained by Uganda Wildlife Authority on how to use this system which has made the booking of uganda gorilla permits on line and chimpanzee permits very easy.

A client is now free to contact any tour company at any time to book his or her uganda gorilla permit online and chimp permits anytime. The system can be used anytime so even if Uganda Wildlife Authority offices are closed, tour operators can still book gorilla and chimpanzee permits on line.

Encounter Africa safaris is glad to inform all our esteem clients that all our staff are now trained and ready to handle all your bookings at any time. Feel free to contact us for your gorilla and chimpanzee permits.

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