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Uganda remains one of the best natural destination in Africa and many tourists are yet to discover the treasure of the pearl of Africa. With the source of the longest river on planet earth, having a share of the largest flesh water lake in Africa (Lake Victoria) and the largest mountain ranges of Rwenzori with snow capes, it’s time we talk about it such that those interested in trekking mountain Rwenzori can get all the information required to prepare for this great hike

Information about trekking mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is Block Mountain which was formed as a results of faulting that resulted in the formation of the great western arm of the rift valley at the same time. It is located in southwestern Uganda and those who visit Queen Elizabeth National Park and or Fort Portal will definitely have a site of the mountain ranges. It’s the only mountain in the whole world which has snow yet located astride the Equator known to be one of the hottest spots of the earth. The highest point of Rwenzori is called Mergerita and stands at an altitude of 5100 meters above sea level. Those trekking mountain Rwenzori should prepare very well in advance and that’s why this article has been written

Preparation for trekking mountain Rwenzori

Just like gorilla trekking, trekking mountain Rwenzori requires some level of fitness and altitudinal tests way in advance. You should be fit as the hike is interesting but of the challenging ones as well. This is because, Mount Rwenzori is composed of many ranges and sometimes, while hiking, you have to slope down and then up from one mountain range to another. It is not like Kilimanjaro where you go up and then down when returning. At the moment there two approved trails for trekking mountain Rwenzori. The central circuit and the Kilembe circuit. The central circuit is controlled by Rwenzori mountaineering services while the Kilembe circuit is in the hands of Rwenzori trekking services. Whichever circuit you choose, it will take you approximately eight days to reach the peak of the mountain. Depending on the days at your desposal, Encounter Africa safaris can organize for you a hiking expedition from three to eight days

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