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Trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas is not something commonly talked about due to the fact that it is over shadowed by Bwindi Impenetrable national Park and Volcanoes National Park that have many habituated gorilla families. In this article, we will explore why trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas may be rewarding than trekking in Bwindi or Volcanoes National Park. Mgahinga National Park has one gorilla family called Nyakagezi. It has over 10 members with 4 silverbacks. The genesis of challenges resulting into tourists refusing to trek mgahinga mountain gorillas was due to the fact that Nyakagezi gorilla group used to move to congo and sometimes to Rwanda and thus could not be relied on. Many feared to risk buying gorilla permits for Mgahinga National park because of that. Having realized that it was risky to sell mgahinga gorilla permits, Uganda Wildlife Authority then resorted to selling them on ground depending on whether these gorillas would be in Uganda. The situation has now changed with Nyakagezi gorilla family now spending most of its time in Mgahinga National Park. Maany people have trekked mgahinga gorillas and there all reasons for your to visit mgahinga national park.

Why trekking Mgahinga mountain gorillas is best

The advantage of trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas is that the vegetation in the park is different from that of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. While Bwindi is a tropical rain forest and impenetrable at that, Mgahinga National Park has bamboo trees which makes the visibility and photography of mountain gorillas better.

Trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas also provides an opportunity to do activities in this national park. Its only in Mgahinga that you can have an opportunity to trek gorillas as well as golden monkeys. If you have sometime after trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas, one can try out golden monkey trekking or golden monkey experience. For those interested in mountain hiking, you can try out Mgahinga, Muhavura and Sabinyo mountains

There other community and cultural activities that those interested in trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas can do. These include the Batwa cultural experience as well as the Garama cave walk. Chased out of Mgahinga National Park, the Batwa popularly known as the pygmies have a story to tell. By combining Mgahinga gorillas and such activities will certainly give you an experience about Uganda’s primates and people.

Those interested in trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas should contact Encounter Africa safaris who with then provide all relevant information about Mgahinga National Park.

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