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As efforts geared towards making Uganda one of the best tourist destination in Africa gain momentum, Encounter Africa Safaris is delighted to highlight some tourist attractions, sites as well as hotels where one can stay. Uganda Tourism Board is embarking on a process of not only marketing Uganda but also developing some of the potential attractions in each district.

Mbarara district locally known as the land of milk and honey is located in southwestern Uganda and is boardered by isingiro, Kiruhura, Sheema among other district. Because of its location Mbarara town has become an important stop over town for people going to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Lake Bunyonyi and Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is the best place to have lunch for those that are driving from Kampala to the mentioned national parks. Agip motel located along Mbarara-Masaka road has been for long the most favoured place for lunch where different lunch menus are offered. Of recent Igongo cultural center has emerged as a competitor and is taking an edge due to the fact that a visit to igongo is more than lunch itself.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the closest park to Mbarara town. Initially this park was located in Mbarara town but with the creation of new districts, it now belongs to Kiruhura district. In Lake Mburo National Park one can enjoy game drives to view animals such as buffaloes, Zebras, leopards, impalas, hippos among other animals. One can as well enjoy a boat cruise on the lake to spot water animals. For birders, lake Mburo National Park is a home to many birds including a shoebill stock. There so many lodges in Lake Mburo National Park where one can stay. These include Mihingo Lodge, Mantana tented Camp, Rwakobo Rock, Mburo Safari Lodge, Arcadia Cottages and Rwonyo Camp

Igongo Cultural center

Until now, Igongo cultural center is the dominant regional museum where the past meet the future. It is a museum that show cases the culture of people of southwestern Uganda. If you want to know more about the people of southwestern Uganda, then Igongo is the best place to go to. They have also constructed accommodation so one can spend a night at Igongo to fully explore this cultural center.

Ankole Long Horned Cattle

The Ankole long horned cattle remains the symbol of this milk and honey district. There so many farms along kampala mbarara road where one can spot the long horned cattle. Although these cows are now threatened due to cross bleeding, one can spot herds grazed by the hima pastoral groups. There is no doubts what so ever that Mbarara district is the leading milk producer in Uganda

Kinyankole Culture

The people of Mbarara are well known for their culture. The bahima are predominantly cattle keepers while the Bairu are cultivators. The most popular cultural activity lies in their lifestyle including marriage, dress code among others. If one wants to experience such, he/she needs to attend okuhingira.

Cultural Sites

Ankole just like other kingdoms was under the omugabe but during the restoration of kingdoms, Mbarara was unfortunate that this was not installed. However, there some cultural sites which include the burial place of the abagabe at Nkokonjeru, the administrative block at Kamukuzi among others. The problem with these is that most of them are in a sorry state as no caretaker is in charge

Hotels in Mbarara

These include Lake View Resort hotel, Oxford Inn, Rwizi Arch, Agip motel, Igongo, Perikan among others.

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