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Uganda Wildlife Authority is the body charged with the conservation of all wildlife in Uganda National Parks and game reserves. For a longtime, Uganda wildlife Authority has always been criticized of not doing what it is supposed to do and instead trying divert to other areas of operation ending up conflicting with Uganda tourism board and sometimes Association of Uganda Tour Operators. We at Encounter Africa Safaris would like to say thumbs up Uganda wildlife Authority for all your efforts towards conservation and tourism development in Uganda. Early 2000 was not all that good by with time the below achievements have been reached at.

Thumbs up to Uganda wildlife Authority for not increasing the price of gorilla permits when Rwanda increased hers in 2017. Rwanda managed to double the price of gorilla permits from USD750 to USD1500 and everyone including tour operators expected Uganda to follow suite but thumps up Uganda Wildlife Authority for your wise decision of maintain the price of Uganda gorilla permits at USD600 for 2017 and 2018. This stability has seen an increase in the number of coming to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National park. In fact Rwanda tour operators have resorted to selling Uganda gorilla safaris instead of Volcanoes National Park due to the expensiveness of gorilla permit. We therefore salute UWA and say thumbs up Uganda wildlife Authority.

And then we cannot again fail to say thumbs up Uganda wildlife Authority for putting gorilla and chimpanzee permits online to be seen/viewed and booked by only Uganda Tour operator. Before this was implemented, a hot debate ensued as UWA had proposed to put permits online to be viewed, booked by the entire world. This was strongly contested due to the fact that if anyone viewed, booked and paid for their gorilla permits, then there would be no reason to book their safaris through Uganda tour operators. A consensus was reached where gorilla permits can be viewed online and booked by only Uganda tour operators. The system shows available chimps and gorilla permits, allows you to provisionally book permits, gives you an invoice and a reference number and allows you seven days in which you are supposed to make payment. The days of calling Uganda Wildlife authority reservations is now history. We only go to Uganda Wildlife to pay and pick permits. Thumbs up Uganda Wild Life Authority.

There so many reasons to say thumbs up Uganda Wildlife Authority including translocation of Animals from one park to the other. The giraffes brought to lake mburo has now made this small national park more attractive and worth place to stop and spend a night before proceeding to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The number of wildlife in national Park has also drastically increased more especially the mountain gorillas where we have witnessed more birth in the last two years. We cannot under estimate the new and renovated boats for cruises as well as game drive vehicles to help those who come to enjoy game drives in National Park without vehicles. At Encounter Africa Safaris, we say thumbs up Uganda wildlife Authority for the job well done much as it has not come without challenges and critics.

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