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There is a lot of things to see and do in Mgahinga National Park from Kigali. From Kigali, Mgahinga National Park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda, the park boardersVirunga National Park of the democratic republic of Congo and the Volcanoes National park of Rwanda. This is the only park where Gorillas co exist with Golden Monkeys and this boosts a range of activities that one can do while here from Gorilla trekking and habituation experience, Golden Monkey tracking and experience among other activities. Encounter Africa Safaris organizes trips here and can start either from Entebbe which is 8-9 hours drive or Kigali Airport which is 4-5 hours drive and depending on where you land. This trip is most effective to start and finish in Kigali which reduces the amount of time spent on the road rather to use it on activities.

What to see and do in Mgahinga National Park from Kigali

When you choose to do this trip from Kigali you will tremendously have cut the journey to mgahinga national park to about 5 hours as compared to the 9 hours drive from Entebbe and with a lot to see enroute to the park. You will have your first stop at the Genocide museum of Kigali, which boosts of a rich history of the past sad atrocities, and genocide of Rwandese, which is a resting, place for more 250000. A heart touching experience here and one that reminds us of humanity and to care for each other.

While that the part the major activity here is Gorilla tracking with only one Gorilla Family Nyakageziwith 8 permits available per day which require you to have these pre booked in advance to avoid missing out as its based on first come first serve basis, Encounter Africa Safaris will book for you the Gorilla permit while there is still availability. The Gorilla permit of Mgahinga also still costs USD600.00 with the price to increase in 2020 July to USD700.00, so for anyone who still wants to enjoy this discount before the price increases now is the time. Contact Encounter Africa Safaris and we will arrange this for you.

For all those interested in trekking mgahinga mountain gorillas should contact Encounter Africa safaris with the actual dates you intend to visit this beautiful national park and we will go ahead to check availability of permits and eventually book them for you after making payment.

Golden Monkey tracking is another activity that can be done while in Mgahinga, this can be combined with the Gorilla tracking trip, this also require prior booking like the Gorilla permit, you will have to provide us with the dates and we book these for you in advance. With this you are required to be at the park by 7:00am and trekking starts at 8:00am and once you meet the Golden Monkeys you are allowed to spend a maximum of one hour with the primates.
Also there is an option to do the Golden Monkey Habituation experience which is offers you more time with the Golden Monkeys, the experience allows you to spend at least 4 hour hours with the Golden.

Batwa community experience. Book this activity to get thebackground and rich history on culture and way of life of the pygmies in this region.The dense forests at the foot of mgahingawere home to the Batwa people: hunter-gatherers and fierce warriors who depended on the forest for shelter, food and medicine thanks to ancient knowledge passed down for generations. When the area was gazzated as a National heritage, these group of people where relocated to communities outside the park and had to adapt to the new way of life. During this walking tour you are taken through their homesteads and they demonstrate to you. During this moving tour, the Batwa demonstrate hunting techniques; gather honey; point out medicinal plants and demonstrate how to make bamboo cups. Guests are finally invited to the sacred Ngarama Cave, once home to the Batwa King, where the women of the community perform a sorrowful song which echoes eerily around the depths of the dark cave, and leaves guests with a striking and moving sense of the richness of this fading culture.

Nature walks at the park are very common and can be done on the last day before departing for Kigali in case your flight is one late or having an extra day just for the hikes as they are several and with many trails that one can emback on to do depending on there interests. Among these we have the Sabinyo Gorge trail, Mount Gahinga hiking, Mount Muhavura hikings to the top of the mountains to enjoy the great views from the top, each of these hikes can be done in a day up and down. Other hikes include following trails to the waterfalls, while on these trails if lucky you get to spot a vast range of primates inclusive of the Golden Monkeys and maybe Gorillas and forest elephants if nature provides on the day.Book with us and we will arrange a package for you that includes this and more for your memorable safari.

Birding excursions/Birding day excursions.

Uganda being a birding haven for the bird lovers boosting over 1050 birds species,Mgahinga National Park is not one to exclude and also hosts some of the endemics and those interested in birding can follow trails to find these birds in this national park. Encounter Africa safaris works with an experienced team of Bird guides and also the ground team at Mgahinga National Park to ensure that you get the best service while on your birding trip.

Volunteering in community projects around the park, Encounter Africa Safaris offers great opportunities to every one who would like to combine your holiday to Africa with a volunteer vacation opportunities. This could be teaching basic productive subjects to students in a rural African communities struggling to modernize., you could volunteer to help the local communities , Widows, orphans ,research scientists save environment from environmental hazards, hospitals/health centers. We do also have the Gorilla Doctors facility in Kisoro District for those who are fascinated by the way of life of the Gorillas and those into conservation of wild life and Gorillas being some of the endangered species, this facility was established to ensure the welfare of Gorillas.

Where to stay/ Lodges in and Around

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offers a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from the basic Camp-site to the luxurious full board hotels; these include Traveler’s Rest, Mt. Gahinga Rest Camp, Virunga Hotel, Mgahinga Safari Lodge, Kisoro Tourist’s Hotel Golden Monkey Guest house among others.
For those that are much interested in camping, ample space is available at the park gate and Mt. Gahinga Rest Camp for ‘Do it Yourself Camping’, besides that, there is also excellent traditional Bandas managed by the local community.Encounter Africa Safaris has a team of experiences safari consultants and reservations managers who are dedicated to providing you with the best service delivery. Send through an inquiry and you will get a response in no time.

Encounter Africa safaris remains your trusted partner when it comes to organizing what to do in Mgahinga National Park from Kigali. We operate safaris in Uganda and Rwanda at affordable and value for money. We do this with passion and professionalism. Feel free to contact us for details about exciting offers and sightseeing experience that last a lifetime.

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