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The appreciation of the United States Dollar against the Uganda shilling and other major currencies is of a greater concerned when it comes to Uganda tourism. Of recent, the dollar has appreciated so much that it was costing Uganda shillings 3500 for one unites states dollar. While this is seen as an advantage to Uganda economically, it may also have some negative effects.

The Dollar affecting Uganda Tourism

According to economists, if a dollar appreciates against the Uganda shilling, it basically means that if you have few dollars and you exchange them into Uganda shillings, you will get more which will enable you to buy more goods and services in Uganda. This is partly true to some few commodities and not tourism services. Majority tourism services in Uganda mainly accept Dollars and not shillings and as such if one wants to pay in Uganda shillings, he/she will be asked to pay a higher exchange rate which does not help the situation at all. The fact that tourists will continue paying services in United states dollars implies that Uganda will ever remain an expensive destination in the eyes of a tourists.

Services that require payment in Dollars.

Most services offered by Uganda wildlife Authority are paid for in Dollars and these include gorilla permits which cost $600.00 per person per trek, chimpanzee permits which cost $150.00 in Kibale National Park, $50.00 for Chambura, $60.00 for golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park among others. Uganda wildlife Authority also charges $40.00 per person as park entry fees and as such, many tourists who visit Uganda and visit Uganda National parks have to pay in Dollars.

Boat cruises on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park and or Boats to the base of the falls in Murchison Falls National Park are paid for in dollars or equivalent so not at anytime will this be beneficial to clients. Other service providers that request dollars include most lodges in National Parks

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