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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is divided into four trail heads of Buhoma, Ruhija, Nkuringo and Rushage. Buhoma is located in the North, Ruhija in the east, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the south. Due to the fact that Buhoma is closer to Ruhija, it is now common practice of clients staying in Buhoma and trekking gorillas in Ruhija region. There so many reasons why tourists prefer staying in Buhoma and trekking gorillas in Ruhija when there other options available.

Staying in Buhoma and trekking gorillas in Ruhija

Where as there so many good lodges in Buhoma side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, there only three gorilla families that can only be trekked by only twenty four people per day. These gorilla families in Buhoma include Mubare gorilla group, Habinyanja gorilla group and Rushegura group. Due to the fact that many people prefer to stay in Buhoma accommodation properties such as Gorilla Forest Camp, Buhoma Lodge, Mahogany Springs, Engagi, Silver Back Lodge among others, the only alternative available to them when Buhoma Gorilla permits are sold out is to opt for trekking gorilla families located in Ruhija side of Bwindi Impenetrable national Park. When tourists finally decide to staying in Buhoma and trekking gorillas in Ruhija, they have to be aware that, they will have to wake up very early in the morning at around about 6:00am to start their two hour drive to Ruhija region. While the distance between Buhoma and Ruhija is not so long, the road is very poor and in a very bad condition. It becomes worse when it rains and vehicles get stuck in the road. If this is not handled very well, clients may fail to trek gorillas since by the time they get through to Ruhija, other clients could have left for gorilla trekking since this exercise starts at 8:30am. For those staying in Buhoma and trekking gorillas in Ruhija should know this before making any decision. We also recommend that if booked in Ruhija and staying in Buhoma, ensure that your 4x 4 Vehicle is in good condition and that the guide is well conversant of what is likely to happen.

In order to avoid what would happen along the way, the best alternative is to drive directly from Kampala to Ruhija and stay in Lodges such as Ruhija Safari Lodge, Gorilla Mist Lodge so that you avoid any inconveniences that are likely to be faced en route to Ruhija from Buhoma. The other last option is to at least stay in Kabale Town or Lake Bunyonyi and drive to Ruhija since the road section from Kabale to Ruhija is not as bad as that from Buhoma to Ruhija.

The above notwithstanding, it’s normal to stay in Buhoma and trek gorillas in Ruhija. This article is meat to enlight you about the advantages and disadvantages of this connection

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