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There several ways of spending more time with golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park while on your Uganda safaris and Encounter Africa safaris is here to bring you all the options available for you while planning to visit Uganda as a vacation destination. Uganda is normally referred to as the primate capital of Africa and its only in Mgahinga National Park where Mountain gorillas co-exist with golden monkeys. For those interested in seeing or spending more time with golden monkeys in Uganda, they should plan to include Mgahinga National Park in their programs. Mgahinga National Park is located in southwestern Uganda district of Kisoro (in the Virunga ranges shared between Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. The small national park has the only remaining golden monkeys in Uganda.

An experience of spending more time with golden monkeys in Mgahinga

Uganda provides several options of spending more time with golden monkeys in Uganda. These options include multiple treks which take one hour per day or booking golden monkey habituation experience. A Golden monkey trekking permits costs USD50 per person and allows one to spend one hour with habituated golden monkeys. Because one hour spent with golden monkeys may not be enough, one has an option of tracking them several times in order to get the best out of it. This therefore means more permits for this. Alternatively, one can book golden monkey habituation experience which may give you up to more than four hours of this experience. Golden monkey habituation experience is exclusively done in Mgahinga National Park and goes beyond the normal seeing and photographing to more practical habituation activities such as collecting samples, making calls and listening to an expert in golden monkey habituation. Gorilla habituation experience is the best way of spending more time with golden monkeys in Mgahinga.

Encounter Africa safaris operates tour to all national parks in Uganda and should one be interested in spending more time with golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park, let he or she contact us for detailed information and advice that he can rely one to the best experience as well as value for money. Our consultants will give you advice of the best activity to choose, booking golden monkey permits as well as transport and accommodation in Mgahinga National Park.

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