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Uganda remains one of the best birding destinations in Africa with over 1046 bird species recorded. The shoebill is one of the rare birds found in Africa that has attracted film crews and companies here in Uganda. Encounter Africa Safaris is a leading film crew fixing company and in our today’s article, we will look at Shoebill filming locations in Uganda so that all those interested in filming the shoebill get were to start from.

Best shoebill filming locations in Uganda

For those that want quick filming results, the best filming locations in Uganda are Uganda Wildlife Education center and areas around Entebbe such as Mabamba wetland and Makanaga. At Uganda Wildlife Education Center, one can film the shoebill in a near nature environment. Much as it is in the zoo, the staff there can set it up and your shorts look like as if it is natural. For those that that prefer filming the shoebill in its natural habitat and they do not prefer driving so much should then turn to Mabamba and Makanaga wetland as the next best shoebill filming locations in Uganda. Mabamba wetland is located just one hour drive from Entebbe town and can be accessed by water on lake victoria or by driving. At Mabamba, there small boats/canoes that will help you maneuver until you get to the shoebill. The same thing applies to Makanaga where one has to drive at least two hours along Entebbe Masaka road.

Other shoebill filming locations in Uganda are Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park controlled and managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Several shoebills can be sighted in the delta region of Murchison Falls National Park as well as swamps of Lake Mburo National Park. For one to film in any national park, he/she will need UWA filming permits which Encounter Africa safaris can help with.

Encounter Africa safaris arranges logistical support including Media Accreditation, kit clearing, filming permits, transport, accommodation and other services needed to film in Uganda. For more information about shoebill locations in Uganda, do not Hesitate to contact Encounter Africa Safaris

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