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Reasons or secrets of trekking Uganda gorillas. Only three countries in the world can boost of being home to world endangered mountain gorillas. Its not a secret that these great apes have their homes in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Today, we look at secrets of trekking Uganda gorillas compared to other countries such as Rwand and Democratic republic of Congo.

Three Secrets of trekking Uganda gorillas

One of the secretes of trekking Uganda gorillas compared to other countries is that while the current gorilla census puts the total numbers of mountain gorilla at over 800 individuals, of this, half of the mountain gorillas are said to live in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga National Park. As you look for a country where you should trek mountain gorillas, Uganda should be placed highly in your choice.

Different regions with different gorilla families is among the secretes of trekking Uganda Gorillas. Unlike Rwanda and Democratice republic of Congo, Uganda most especially in Bwindi National Park, there are four regions each with several habituated mountain gorillas. In the north of this Park lies the Buhoma region with three habituated mountain gorilla families, Ruhija in the East with four habituated gorilla groups, Nkuringo side in the south with two gorilla groups as well as Rushaga that has majority groups. If you are one of those that would like to track gorillas several times, then Uganda provides you a chance to do so. This is because you have an opportunity to track gorillas in the different regions as each region is quite different from the other. If you want to change, you have a chance of visiting Mgahinga National Park’s Nyakagezi group.

Did you know that other secretes of trekking Uganda gorillas include offers in April, May and November? During these seasons, Uganda Wildlife Authority offers Low season gorilla permits at a discounted rate. This offer started in 2014 and it has always been extended to each progressive year. If you trek gorillas during the above months, you start to benefit from these discounts hence saving big on your gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. For more information on booking discounted and low season gorilla permits, please contact Encounter Africa Safaris for details. A combination of Low season gorilla permits and Discounted chimp permits in Kibale National Park should be a reason for you to visit Uganda for a primate Experience.

While Uganda and Rwanda offer gorilla trekking only, Uganda has an option of gorilla habituation experience allowing a maximum of four people to visit a group of mountain gorillas under habituation for four hours. In the secrets of trekking Uganda gorillas, this habituation experience will provide an opportunity of spending more time with mountain gorillas and researchers. You will learn more about gorillas, participate in activities involved in habituating mountain gorillas. Encounter Africa Safaris has been leading the way in organizing gorilla habituation experience safaris at affordable prices. Whether you want to fly to and from Bwindi, whether you want to take a road trip, just contact Encounter Africa safaris.

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