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It’s not yet official but it has been established that Rwanda is contemplating on reducing the price for her gorilla permits in 2016 in order to compete with Uganda and also increase on tourist inflow to the country by making it affordable and competitive. It should be noted that Rwanda competes with Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo when it comes to gorilla tourism but the price for gorilla permits in Rwanda is way high compared to Uganda and Rwanda. For one to see or trek gorillas for one hour in Rwanda, he or she has to part with USD750.00 per trek. In Uganda however, one can trek gorillas by paying USD600.00 during high seasons of June, July, August, September, October, December, January, February and March and or USD350 (for 2015) and USD450 (for 2016017) low season gorilla permits in months of April, May and November. Rwanda to reduce gorilla permit price is indeed great news.

Rwanda to reduce gorilla permit price

In 2013, Rwanda tour operators urged Rwanda Development Board to reduce on the price of gorilla permits in order to compete with Uganda but it was hesitant so looking at the number of permits being sold per day compared to earlier days when they had not increased the price has truly indicated to them that something has to be done. It remains to be seen if they will follow Uganda to offer low season gorilla permits, or reduce to equal the price of Uganda permits at USD600.00. That not withstanding however, Rwanda has moved miles in as far as gorilla tourism is concerned through renovating all roads, marketing Rwanda which is now seen as one of the peaceful and stable destination to watch mountain gorillas in Africa. There is the annual mountain gorilla naming ceremony which attracts so many tourists, celebrities and international journalists to Rwanda. We are looking forward for Rwanda to reduce gorilla permit price and we will inform you of the actual price per permit.

We are always the first operator to report such exciting new and we look forward to customize for you a gorilla tour to Uganda and Rwanda in 2016.

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