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While Uganda Wildlife Authority is embracing new primate products and experiences such as gorilla habituation experience, chimp and or golden monkey experiences, Rwanda has no gorilla habituation experience holidays. For those interested in such experience look no further than Uganda where gorilla habituation safaris can be enjoyed in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There reasons why Rwanda has no gorilla habituation experience holidays. In Uganda currently, gorilla habituation experience holiday tours allow tourists to spend four hours with mountain gorillas of southern Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Rushaga) and some of us think that if Rwanda introduced gorilla habituation experience in Volcanoes National Park, it would be a great thing where tourists would have a chance to either do it in Uganda or Rwanda. We cannot tell whether Rwanda will introduce it or not

Reasons why Rwanda has no gorilla habituation experience holidays

Each nation has its own polices and as such views in this article are just opinions and not facts.. Rwanda is a steady and well organized country that has seen tourism grow after massive and global marketing. Most of its tourism products are well planned and developed to create a great experience to the tourists. This has been very possible due to good government policies and support. When it comes to gorilla activities, one discovers that Uganda is bringing more products and experiences compared to Rwanda. In this article we will try to think why Rwanda has no gorilla habituation experience holidays yet it was the first country in the whole world to introduce gorilla tourism. One would think that Rwanda should be the first to develop gorilla tourism products for others to follow.

There is no single reason that explains why Rwanda has no gorilla habituation experience holidays but the truth is that Uganda which is not yet fully exploited in terms of tourism is trying to clear all possible options to attract more tourists to the country. Rwanda on the other side is well marketed and attracts many foreign tourist for gorilla trekking whose permits cost more than those of Uganda. A gorilla permit to spend one hour with the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park costs USD750.00 compared to Uganda gorilla permits at USD600 per person per trek. Looks like Rwanda is still contented with the current numbers attracted towards gorilla trekking.

While Rwanda has many habituated gorilla families for trekking and researcher, reports have not indicated whether there new gorilla families under habituation. Gorilla habituation experience in Rushaga southern Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is there because of the fact that there two gorilla families under habituation which takes 2-3 years to complete. We are not sure if Rwanda will embrace the change and introduce gorilla habituation safari tours in order to march the rate at which Uganda is developing new tourist products but as of today, Encounter Africa Safaris can confirm to you that Rwanda has no gorilla habituation experience holidays to offer and its Uganda in the whole world offering these experiences. Should Rwanda start offering habituation experiences, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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