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While gorilla trekking is done in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo, today we want to look at Rwanda gorilla trekking interesting facts or factors that make gorilla trekking in Rwanda different from other countries. Rwanda is a small country located in East Africa and popularly known as a country of a thousand hills. Affected by the 1994 genocide, Rwanda’ economy and gorilla tourism has grown steadily attracting many tourists to the country.

More about Rwanda gorilla trekking interesting facts

Rwanda gorilla trekking interesting facts include the fact that it is in Rwanda that gorilla trekking started. Studies on mountain gorillas and their conservation are well known most especially the great works of Dian Fossel which later resulted in the habituation of mountain gorillas to be trekked by tourists. There is no doubt that Rwanda remains one of the sought after destination for gorilla trekking followed by Uganda and then Democratic Republic of congo.

Did you know that Rwanda gorilla permit prices are always high compared to Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo? This is one of the most interesting factors and yet this does not reduce on the number of tourists trekking Rwanda gorillas. A gorilla permit in Uganda costs USD750.00 while in Uganda it costs USD600.00. In Low season, Uganda gorilla permits cost USD450.00 while there is no discounts for Rwanda.

Among Rwanda gorilla trekking interesting facts is that Rwanda was the first country to allocate habituated gorilla families based on interest, age and physical interests. With this, an individual is allocated a gorilla family depending on his interest, age or physical fitness. Uganda has also learnt from Rwanda and they are doing the same. Initially, one would buy a gorilla permit of a given gorilla family and would expect to trek that particular family. This would result in the selling of gorilla permits of given gorilla families first and then others later. However, this has changed and permits in Uganda are issued out per region and the allocation also depends on interest, age and physical fitness.

Among the other Rwanda gorilla trekking facts is that in Rwanda, gorilla trekking briefing takes place in one place and then tourists are transferred to different gorilla family trail heads or starting points. This gives an impression that gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a bit different from that of Uganda. During Rwanda gorilla trekking briefing, tourists are treated to a cup of tea as well as traditional dances before briefing and eventual transfer to the starting points of gorilla families. After gorilla trekking, they again return to pick their gorilla trekking certificates. Contrary, In Uganda and particularly Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, gorilla trekking briefings take place in different places due to the fact that Bwindi Impenetrable National park has four separate regions and each region has a headquarter where briefings take place. These regions are Buhoma in the north, Ruhija in the East, Nkuringo and Rushaga in the south. Each region is far from the others hence clients cannot be joined for briefing. Each region has its own habituated mountain gorillas that can be trekked. This is one of the major and determining factor when it comes to booking gorilla permits and accommodation in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Other Rwanda gorilla trekking interest factors include checking gorilla permit availability online. It is now practically possible to check gorilla permit availability for Rwanda on line. This method will show you how many gorilla permits are remaining helping you to plan when to travel. While it is possible to check, you can not book them online. You need to contact Rwanda Development Board or Tour Operators Like Encounter Africa Safaris who offer tours to Rwanda and Uganda to book for you such gorilla permits.

Another interesting Rwanda gorilla trekking fact is that did you know that Rwanda does not offer low season gorilla permits? While Uganda offers Discounted Gorilla permits in April, May and November, Rwanda does not offer any discount but still able to attract clients during those months.

Did you know that if you are a resident in East African Countries such as Uganda,Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi, it is cheaper to trek in Rwanda than Uganda? This is because gorilla permit price for East African Foreign residents in Rwanda cost USD450.00 compared to USD500 charged by Uganda Wildlife Authority. For more Rwanda gorilla trekking interesting facts, please contact Encounter Africa Safaris Ltd.

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