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Rwanda is no doubt the leading destination for gorilla trekking in the world. Encounter Africa Safaris operates gorilla trekking holidays in Rwanda and Uganda and we normally advise on all possibilities to reduce on the cost of a gorilla tour. We now introduce you to Rwanda gorilla permits at USD450.00 for East African Residents. All those foreigners staying and working in East African Countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi can now pay or benefit from Rwanda Gorilla permits at USD450.00 to trek habituated mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.

Who Benefits from Rwanda Gorilla permits at USD450.00?

As mentioned above, Rwanda gorilla permits at USD450.00 are meant for East African residents only. If one is staying or working in organizations such as United Nations, Embassies of foreign Countries in East Africa, all those that hold working permits or diplomatic pass ports are entitled to this discount of Rwanda gorilla permits at USD450.00. If you are Foreign but resident in Rwanda, the discount is much more better since you will be charged USD375.00 per gorilla permit.

How to Book Rwanda gorilla permits at USD450.00

Rwanda gorilla permits at USD450 are issued out all year round as long as you are resident in east African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Southern Sudan. Encounter Africa Safaris will check availability and book your East African resident Rwanda gorilla permit at USD450.00 if contacted.

What these Rwanda permits at USD450 mean is that it is cheaper to trek gorillas in Volcanoes National Park when you are an East African Resident than trekking them in Uganda-Bwindi Impenetrable National Park at USD500.00. Encounter Africa Safaris organizes gorilla trekking holidays for East African Residents utilizing Rwanda gorilla permits at USD450.00. We combine this with other activities such as Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe, cultural interactions, golden monkeys as well as game viewing in Akagera National Park. Let us be the ones to take you to Rwanda for discounted gorilla expedition that will meet your expectations. Be the fast to know.

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