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When one talks about gorilla trekking, the first country to eco in someone’s mind is Rwanda and specifically Volcanoes National Park. Due to the fact that volcanoes National Park is one of the popular gorilla national Park in the world, we will look at Rwanda gorilla permit price and all cost issues associated with acquiring and booking Rwanda gorilla permits. It should be noted that mountain gorilla do exist in three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of congo but the choice of where to go is influenced by several factors including Rwanda gorilla permit price.

Rwanda gorilla permit price for Foreign non residents

Foreign none residents are those who are foreign but not residing in Rwanda. They normally come to Rwanda for gorilla trekking holidays and later return back after their gorilla trekking excursion. Rwanda gorilla permit price for this category is at USD750.00 per person per trek and this includes spending one hour with a group of habituated mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, services of an English speaking ranger guide, all park entrance fees to Volcanoes National Park and a gorilla trekking certificate in recognition of your efforts to visit and conserve the endangered mountain gorillas in volcanoes National Park.

Rwanda gorilla permit price for foreign residents

This category of foreign residents refer to all foreigners working or staying in Rwanda. They could be working with International Organizations like world food program, United Nations and respective embassies. The cost of Rwanda gorilla permit price for foreign residents is at USD375.00 per person per trek and for one to benefit from this fee, he/she must prove that indeed he is resident and working in Rwanda. One is supposed to produce documents to this effect and the most asked document is the working permit for Rwanda. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for more details about booking Rwanda gorilla permits for foreign residents in Rwanda.

Rwanda Gorilla permit price for East African foreign residents

The East African block or East African community is composed of countries located on the eastern side of Africa as a continent and include Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and now Southern sudan. All foreigners staying and working in these countries pay USD450.00 per person per trek in Volcanoes National Park to trek mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. This Rwanda gorilla permit price is meant to encourage them to visit gorillas at an affordable price.

Rwanda gorilla permits price for East African citizens

All citizens in the East African community are entitled to Rwanda gorilla permits at USD300.00. Such Rwanda gorilla permit price is meant to promote domestic gorilla tourism in the East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Southern Sudan. One has to produce his or her own passport to show that indeed he/she is an East African citizen from one the above mentioned East African Countries.

Rwanda gorilla permit price for Rwandan Citizens

If you are a citizen of Rwanda, then, you will be charged 30,000 Francs for Volcanoes National Park gorilla permit. Encounter Africa safaris organizes Rwanda gorilla permits, transport to and from Volcanoes National Park, accommodation for gorilla trekking and other optional activities one can participate in while in Volcanoes National Park/Ruhengeri. For more information about Rwanda gorilla permits and tours, please call or send an email to Encounter Africa safaris ltd

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