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As usual Encounter Africa Safaris is always the first to break news about gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. It’s now confirmed that Rwanda gorilla permits increase to USD1500 per person per trek. This therefore means that the price of gorilla permits has been doubled from USD750.00 to USD1500.00. while this will make Rwanda an expensive destination for gorilla trekking, income from sale of permits will increase. Rwanda is able to increase the price of gorilla permit and still be able to maintain the number of tourists to this country of 1000 hills due to its aggressive marketing and political stability. Uganda gorilla trekking stands to benefit from this due to the fact that the price of a single gorilla permit in Rwanda is enough for one to book an all-inclusive gorilla safari in Uganda for three days.

Book Rwanda Gorillas permits before deadline

All those who would like to trek Rwanda mountain gorillas should book their permits before the governing Authority officially increases the price to USD1500.00. while the price increase has been announced, it has not been implemented. Much as Rwanda gorilla permit increased to USD1500.00, Encounter Africa Safaris is in position to book as many permits at the current price of USD750.00. Contact us before this is put in place.

Rwanda gorilla permits increased to USD1500.00 Advantage to Uganda

Increasing of Rwanda gorilla permits from USD750 to USD1500.00 will be a short time advantage to Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo due to the fact that they will start looking at Uganda as the next best affordable and safe country to go for gorilla trekking. Uganda gorilla permits are still at USD600 in high season while USD450.00 apply to low season discounted gorilla permits. Uganda through Uganda Wildlife Authority is likely to increase the price but the increase still is not likely to match that of Rwanda. Uganda now remains an attractive country to visit where by one can spend USD1500.00 and spends four hours with semi habituated mountain gorillas in the new gorilla habituation experience. Encounter Africa safaris operates gorilla safaris in both Rwanda and Uganda.

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