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In this article we will look at the role of gorilla trackers in the activity of gorilla trekking. Gorilla trekking remains one of the most thought after activity in the world and Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of congo being the only three countries in the whole world where mountain gorillas can be visited in their natural habitat, it can be a bit expensive to have a chance to trek these mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorillas being wild animals, chances of seeing them during your trek depends on so many factors and in this article, we will dwell on the role of gorilla trackers and what they do to ensure that those who have booked to see gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo do achieve their goal. Its a fact that whoever books a gorilla permits needs a guarantee that he/she will indeed see these mountain gorillas during his/her trek. According to Uganda Wildlife Authority for Bwindi and Mgahinga as well as RDB for Volcanoes National Park, it has been established that leaving other factors constant, chances of seeing mountain gorillas on any trek is 95% and above and this is where the role of trackers or what they refer to as the gorilla trekking advanced team come in.

Who are these gorilla trackers

Gorilla trackers are a team of well experience individuals employed by Uganda Wildlife Authority or RDB in Uganda and Rwanda respectively and are in charge of tracing and following different mountain gorilla families in Bwindi, Mgahinga and or Volcanoes National Park. Gorilla trackers wake up very early to look for where these mountain gorillas are. They normally start from where these mountain gorillas slept the last night and then follow them up to find where they will be at that particular time/day. Once found, these gorilla trackers will communicate to their respective park headquarters informing them of the where abouts of these mountain gorillas. Gorilla trackers do their communication with gorilla guides by use of walkie talkies. Its from this that the gorilla guide will lead the group of those to track gorillas until they find them. Once gorilla trackers find these gorillas, they can also advise on the short cut to follow to find these gorillas. Many books indicate that most people follow gorillas from where they would have slept the previous day but while this is true, it’s not normally the case because of long distances that might be involved and as such a short cut has to be advised.

Role of gorilla trackers or advance team

It is this role of gorilla trackers that seeing mountain gorillas in all mountain gorilla parks of Uganda and Rwanda is about 95%. The activity of gorilla trekking is thus very organized and one is guaranteed of seeing mountain gorillas when other factors are constant. When coming to do gorilla trekking, make sure you are in a good physical condition, if not you are advised to take a porter or organize a sedan chair so that you are carried up to the mountain gorillas. While gorilla guides are normally given tips for their work, the role of gorilla trackers should not be under looked and when planning a tip to be given to your gorilla guide, kindly know that it will be shared by both guides and gorilla trackers. That’s why at Encounter Africa safaris, we encourage all our clients to give a tip to the gorilla guide who will then share it with gorilla trackers. UWA normally has a central tipping box where you can place your tip.

At Encounter Africa Safaris, we encourage all our clients to provide for a tip that should be shared amongst the advanced team or gorilla trackers as well as gorilla guides. Tipping is not mandatory but is an appreciation of good service provided by this team. Please remember that when you pay for a gorilla permit which costs USD600 in Uganda and USD1500 in Rwanda, you will be entitled of seeing gorillas for one hour and a guide who will take you to the forest. If you tip, this will encourage these gorilla trackers or advanced team and gorilla guides to keep going as there day today activity of looking for gorillas is not an easy task.

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