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Rescheduling gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda

A gorilla permit is a paper document in Rwanda or a Card in Uganda that allows one to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. It is now possible to reschedule or move gorilla permits to new dats in Uganda and Rwanda as long as you have a genuine reason. One can purchase gorilla permits to trek gorillas in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgaihinga National Park in Uganda. This is how rescheduling gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda works

When gorilla tracking started in both Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Rwanda’s volcanoes National Park, it was very hard to move or reschedule once purchased gorilla permits from one date to another but of recent, Rwanda Development board and Uganda Wildlife Authority have relaxed their stance and can now reschedule or move gorilla permits from one date to another.

In Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority allows individuals or Tour Operators to move gorilla permit once. You need to write a letter to the Director of tourism business and development at Uganda Wildlife Authority requesting him to authorize rescheduling of permits from the old date to the new date. The letter must give a genuine reason as to why these permits are being moved to the new date and you have also to provide all original receipts as provided by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Once the Director of Tourism business and development receives this letter, he will then authorize reservations and Information Communication departments to change everything in the system to the new dates. There terms and conditions that apply to rescheduling of gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda so if you get any issues, please let us know so that we can help you in this endeavor.

The above rescheduling only applies to high season gorilla permits. High season gorilla permits are those in the months of January, February, June, July, August, September, October and December. Discounted gorilla permits issued in the months of April, May and November are none refundable and one can not move them or reschedule them to another date.

In Rwanda, Rwanda Development Board reschedules gorilla permits for Volcanoes National Park from an old date to a new date as long as you are able to pay USD150.00 per permit. This helps so much in that instead of loosing USD750.00 which is cost per gorilla permit per person, you rather lose only USD600.00.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has had to relax its stance on gorilla permit rescheduling due to the fact that they have realised that there so many factors that can led to people not to trek gorillas on the set date and these include, clients getting sick closer to time and yet you are not allowed to trek gorillas when sick. There has been a problem of Ebola that has affected Africa resulting to cancellation of safaris or postponement so UWA in conjunction with Uganda Tour Operators discussed on the way forward about that and decided that those who are able to visit Uganda at a later date should be given this chance. Some times, terror alerts have resulted into safaris being pushed to other dates and as such, one is given a chance to reschedule his or her own permits. The government of Uganda however encourages all tourists to Uganda to always have travel insurance in order to avoid such unforeseen circumstances and with such a development, rescheduling of gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda will try to help

For more information about rescheduling of gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda, please contact us

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