Gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of a life time thing that most tourists look out for. They do save their money in anticipation of a great experience while tracking these great apes. However at the back of their mind is one question. Will they refund my money of I don’t see gorillas?

For those who have never tracked mountain gorillas, you will need a gorilla permit purchased for Uganda Wildlife Authority which gives you permission to trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. It allows you to follow these apes from where they would have slept and where they will be. With the help of the ranger guide from Uganda Wildlife Authority, you will start your trek from one of the trail heads as there are several mountain gorilla groups in the different regions of Bwindi National Park and each has its own starting trail head. Once you are with these gorillas, you are supposed to stay with them for a maximum of one hour. Please ask us for more details about gorilla trekking.

There over 95% chances of seeing/viewing these mountain gorillas as the process is very clear. Every morning, trekkers wake up and move before hand to establish where these gorillas would have moved. As you complete your briefing about the dos and don’ts while with the gorillas, this advance team will communicate with your ranger guide to tell him where these gorillas will be and how far they would have moved from where they slept the previous night. So following their advice, you will then start from the trail head to where they would have spent the previous night and then you follow their path to where they will be. Simple!!!. However sometimes, circumstances might dictate and you are un able to view these gorillas. This could be that may be the family is scared or furious after an attack from another gorilla family most un habituated silver backs and thus will not entertain your visit or if the gorillas move for long distances or hide from you for the reasons best known to them, such circumstances may tantamount to a refund in reference to Uganda Wildlife Authority terms and conditions. Please do contact these terms and conditions before hand so that you get to know your rights. Uganda Wildlife Authority will try all means at its disposal to see that you achieve your dream of gorilla tracking.

There are policies that apply to when one is disallowed to visit mountain gorillas because may be He/she has some skin disease, contagious disease which might be seen as a danger to these gorillas, so make sure you visit your doctor before undertaking all these payments. Read UWA terms and conditions about this too.

On our side, gorilla permits refund depends on several factors. For us to confirm any gorilla tour, we request them to deposit full amount for the gorilla permit and then 30% of the total amount charged for the safari. When this is done in advance, we pay 30% to Uganda Wildlife Authority as a deposit to pre secure your gorilla permit. Then we clear the amount four months before the actual trekking date. This is because Uganda Wildlife Authority requires full amount which is non refundable three months to trekking. We can only refund 70% amount if you contact us before it is submitted to UWA as above. But if we have already paid the entire amount to UWA then there will be no refund.

We try to resell these gorilla permits booked by our clients just in case they don’t use them and once we are successful then we will send you the money from resell. Kindly note that this is not a sure way and depends on luck. Luck is high more especially during peak season.

If you have any questions about gorilla permit refund, please do contact our office and one of our safari consultant will advice according.

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