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When in Uganda, there reasons to visit Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi is a small lake located in Kabale southwestern Uganda and is one of the very few lakes frequently visited by tourists while on their holiday. Encounter Africa safaris takes hundreds of tourists to this small lake every year giving you all seasons to visit lake Bunyonyi this year.

Why or reasons to visit Lake Bunyonyi on your Uganda safari.

Among the reasons to visit lake Bunyonyi or why you should visit this lake is that it has rich history when it comes to the native people or local people commonly known as the Bakiga. One of the popular activity on this lake is to take a boat or canoe ride to explore several islands with in lake bunyonyi each having its own story. This boat or canoe ride is about 2 hours but the most popular island is the “punishment Island” where it is believed that women who could produce children outside the official cultural marriage would be dumped. They would be left to starve and die but sometimes they would be rescued and married by fishermen. A canoe ride on lake Bunyonyi will introduce you to the history of the bakiga hence a reason to visit this beautiful lake.

Its formation is a reason to visit Bunyonyi.

Unlike other lakes that were formed from volcanicity, faulting and warping, Lake Bunyonyi is a sub result of lava damning. It is believed that magma from a nearby hill blocked a river channel which later caused the reversal of the water to form a lake. The point where lava blocked the river channel can be seen on main road from Kabale to Kisoro district. Due to the fact that Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded by tall hills, it makes it one of the few lakes in Uganda that have no or very weak waves. By having very few waves is the reason why you will find women, children and tourists with no experience riding canoes on this lake. Among reasons to visit lake bunyonyi is to take a boat cruise on your own so that you feel the experience of doing such while on your Uganda safari.

Among other reasons to visit Lake Bunyonyi is to break the long journey to the gorillas. For those who would like to break the long journey from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking should choose to stay at Lake Bunyonyi. Its just one to two hours drive from lake Bunyonyi to Ruhija on the eastern side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. By doing this, you get an opportunity to visit lake Bunyonyi the deepest and wave less lake in Uganda. The day you think about Uganda, please contact Encounter Africa safaris for why you need to spend two or three days at lake Bunyonyi

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