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While in Uganda, there several reasons to visit Kibale National Park. This park is located in western Uganda district of Kabalore. This forest National Park is a home to very many primates and birds and appeals to primate and avian lovers in this world. One reason why you should place Kibale Forest National Park on your wish list this year is that of all forests in the world, Kibale Forest has been described as the based place to view or trek wild but habituated chimpanzees. There about two to three habituated communities of chimpanzees that can be trekked in the morning or in the afternoon giving you reasons to visit Kibale Forest National Park.

Why or reasons to visit Kibale National Park

While on you chimpanzee trek, your guide will help you to identify other twelve primate species resident in this forest plus a variety of forests birds in Kibale. Being a low land tropical rain forest, kibale national park boosts of so many tree species that are worth a reason to visit this magnificent and natural forest in Uganda. Chimpanzee habituation experience is also another reason why you should visit Kibale Forest National Park. Unlike chimpanzee trekking that costs USD150.00 Dollars and is a half day and one hour experience, chimpanzee habituation experience is a whole day experience and costs USD220.00 per person. This gives you enough reasons to visit kibale national park so as to spend more time with these great primates.

For more information or reasons to visit Kibale National Park, please contact Encounter Africa Safaris by email or call them using their official telephone number and they will customize for you a Uganda safari that includes a visit to Kibale National Park. You may also take advantage of low season reduced and discounted chimpanzee permits at USD100 to trek these chimpanzees. From kibale forest National Park, it is easier to extend to Queen Elizabeth National Park for boat cruises and game drives or drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking. You have all the reasons to visit Kibale National Park while on your Uganda safari.

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