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There several reasons to visit lake Mburo National Park in Uganda. Encounter Africa safaris organizes safaris that include a visit to Lake Mburo National to see and enjoy the beauty of this small but attractive national Park. Lake Mburo is approximately 4-6 drive from the Capital city Kampala. Lake Mburo National Park is the closest park to Kampala making it ideal to have a one day excursion while in Uganda. The journey to Lake Mburo National Park will have you stop at the Equator for photography and simple experiments, see the Ankole long horned cattle as well as the Royal drum makers at Mpambire. Reasons why you should visit Lake Mburo National Park include the below.

Exciting wildlife activities- Reasons to visit lake Mburo

Among the reasons to visit National Park is the variety of exciting wildlife in this national Park. Lake Mburo National Park boosts of wild animals such as leopards, lions (not normally spotted) buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, and it is the only national park where you can see impalas. All this and more can be seen on a game drive and or a safari walk. Lake Mburo is one of the few national parks in Uganda where you can enjoy or see wild game while walking. Such walking safaris should give you a reason to visit Lake Mburo National Park. Those interested in boat cruises, Lake Mburo provides a 2 hour boat excursion on the lake where you will have an opportunity to spot water animals such as hippos, crocodiles, water birds and so much more. Bird lovers can try locating the rare shoebill stock in Lake Mburo swamps. You can also explore the park on a horse giving you all the reasons to visit lake Mburo National Park while in Uganda.

Apart from being the closest national park to kampala, Lake Mburo National Park is a popular spot which acts as a stop to break the long journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking. For those who want to break the long journey to or from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you have all the reasons to visit Lake Mburo National Park. This will not only allow you to enjoy game drives, boat cruises and safari walks but also enable you to enjoy the popular lodges located in this park. These beautiful lodges include Mantana Tented Camp, Mihingo Lodge, Rwakobo Rock, as well as Lake Mburo Safari Lodge. For those that have few days in Uganda, you have all reasons to visit Lake Mburo National Park where you can even take a one day excursion. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for what to see, when to visit lake Mburo National Park.

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