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There several reasons that may stop you from trekking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Some reasons are very obvious while others are un intended and you need to watch out while organizing your gorilla trek.

The most obvious reasons that may stop you from trekking gorillas include your healthy conditions on the day of trekking. While gorilla trekking does not require inoculation before the activity, each tourist is supposed to be in a good health and medical condition. Mountain gorillas are our close relatives and as such, if clients are sick with diseases that can be easily transmitted to mountain gorillas, then you may be stopped from trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park or Volcanoes National Park. If lets say you develop a rush, cough or flu on the day of trekking, you may as well be stopped from tracking gorillas and in such circumstances, Uganda Wildlife Authority will refer you to their terms and conditions on how to claim your refund.

Reasons that may stop you from trekking gorillas

The other reason that may stop you from trekking gorillas is forgetting the date of the gorilla permit you are holding. Please note that gorilla permits are valid for the dates and if you come late (for example if your gorilla permit is supposed to allow you track gorillas on let say 5th October and for you, you instead turn up on 6th October. This means that your gorilla permit will be expired and thus you will not be allowed to trek gorillas unless you buy other permits. If you pass through a tour company, they may help to sort out this since they are in a better position to negotiate with Uganda Wildlife Authority about such incidents.

Never forget to carry your gorilla permit to the park headquarters. When you book your gorilla permit, they will give you an electronic card for the case of Uganda and a document for Rwanda. You are supposed to produce it at the park headquarters on the day of trekking. These days, Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Development Board have upgraded their systems and are able to track your records as long as you have an ID number for your booking. In order to avoid such, you need to carry a copy of your gorilla permit otherwise UWA staffs have all rights to stop you from trekking gorillas.

Other reasons that may stop you from trekking gorillas include arriving late when the others have already left for the forest. Make sure that you stay close to any given park headquarters so that you arrive in time for briefing and trekking. There so many reasons that may stop you from trekking gorillas and in order to avoid this, please contact us for details on how to plan your gorilla trek in Uganda and Rwanda.

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