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Bwindi impenetrable national park located in Uganda is home to endangered mountain gorillas. This tropical rainforest is divided into four regions which include Buhoma in the north, Ruhija in the east and Nkuringo and Rushaga in the south. Our focus is in the southern part of Bwindi where we will look at reaons why rushaga region Bwindi is now popular compared to other regions like Buhoma region and Ruhija which used to be popular.

Reasons why Rushaga region bwindi is now popular

Regions that used to attract more tourists in Bwindi used to be Buhoma in the North, Ruhija in the East and then Nkuringo in the south. In these regions, gorilla permits used to be fully booked yet in Rushaga, permits could be available. However from 2016, we see many tourists turn to Rushaga and that’s why we are tickled to find out reasons why Rushaga region bwindi is now popular.

Increase in Rwanda gorilla permit price

One of the reasons why Rushaga region bwindi is now popular is the drastic doubling and increase of Rwanda gorilla permit price. The government of Rwanda increased the price of Volcanoes National Park from USD750 to USD1500 per person per trek. The result was Rwanda tour operators to turn to Uganda as the price of gorilla permit at USD600 is still affordable. One of the regions that can be easily accessed and closer to Rwanda is the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which include Rushaga and Nkuringo region. So most Rwanda tour operators are taking advantage of this proximity to sale Rushaga gorillas.

Proximity to Kigali Airport

Because of the long distances driven from Entebbe Airport to the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park where Rushaga is located, tourists and tour operators in Uganda prefer to sell gorilla safaris in Uganda through Kigali. This is because one drives shorter distance from Kigali to Bwindi than from Entebbe Airport. It takes 8-10 hours to drive from Entebbe airport to Rushaga while it might be 4-5 hours from Rwanda to Rushaga. This among others explains reasons why rushaga region bwindi is now popular as people try to avoid long driving distances.

The East African Tourist Visa

The east African tourist visa is among other reasons why Rushaga region bwindi is now popular. This is in connection with the fact that those tourists who would like to trek and compare Uganda and Rwanda gorillas can now utilize the East African tourist visa. With this visa, one can enter through Rwanda, trek gorillas there and then drive to Rushaga which is closer to Volcanoes National Park and there after drive back to Kigali Airport arriving in time for their flights.

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