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According to the Memorandum of Understanding between AUTO and UWA, we are now starting the sales of a limited number of gorilla permits available only to the members of the association. To encourage equal opportunity and transparency in the process the following rules and regulations have been set:

Purchase of Gorilla permits via Auto

AUTO will be selling a certain number of gorilla permits every 3 months (Quarter Period) and those permits can be sold during the following 3 months (Quarter of Issue). Permits can be booked and purchased for any available date without limitations, starting from the date of sale.In order to avoid monopoly in the sales and to give equal opportunities to all members, each company cannot purchase more than 10% of the available permits (unless and until there will be unsold permits available for further sale). Purchase of gorilla permit via AUTO is a very welcome idea.

AUTO will sell the permits at the following tariffs:

Foreign not resident permits sold at 450 USD (instead of 600 USD)

Promotional gorilla permits (April, May and November) sold at 300 USD (instead of 350 USD or 450 USD for 2016);

Foreign Residents permits sold at 350 USD (instead of 450 USD); Ugandan citizens’ permits are not applicable to this scheme.

Members can book gorilla permits by sending mail to AUTO in which they must specify: name of company; number of permits; intended date of permits; desired location (Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, Nkuringo).

After booking and confirmation of availability from AUTO, each member must effect the FULL payment directly to AUTO WITHIN ONE WEEK FROM BOOKING DATE in exchange of a receipt to be presented to UWA in order to be issued with the desired permit; these permits can be rescheduled according to the general rules and regulations by UWA but cannot be refunded.

We have 40 permits for the first sale, if interested please send mail to AUTO immediately, please note that each company can only purchase a maximum of 10% of the available permits.


Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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