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Gorilla permits are the only documents one can use to trek a given mountain gorilla family in the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of congo. The price of a gorilla permit differs from one country to another. In Uganda, a gorilla permit cost USD600 for foreign none residents, USD500 for foreign residents and approximately USD100 for East Africans holding identity cards from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi. In Rwanda, the situation is a bit different and the price is quite high. A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD750.00 per person for foreign none residents and there is no set price for East Africans as it is in Uganda. When it comes to Democratic republic of Congo, the price of a gorilla permit per person for a foreign none resident is a bout USD350.00 but the fact that the country itself is not politically stable, tourists prefer trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda further offers low season gorilla permits for the months of April, may and November. Foreign none residents part with USD350 while Foreign residents with working permits pay USD300.00 to trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. At this moment in time we are not sure whether the price of a gorilla permit in Rwanda will be lowered to follow Uganda.

Price of a gorilla permit

Whatever the status and cost of a gorilla permit, we advise all our potential clients to book their gorilla permits at least three months in advance to be guaranteed of seeing gorillas either in Uganda or Rwanda. For us to book for your or work on organizing your gorilla permit, we need some details from you which include the actual date, month and year when you wish to trek mountain gorillas. Once we have this, we will then crosscheck with Uganda wildlife authority to establish is they have gorilla permits on the specified date. Once it is discovered that UWA has availability of permits, we will inform you to make payment since gorilla permits can only be booked with cash payment and on first come, first serve basis. For details about the rpice of a gorilla permit and how to secure it, contact one of our dedicated safari consultant who will provide you information on how to proceed.

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