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Uganda Wildlife Authority offers different prices for gorilla permits. Price of discounted gorilla permits is USD450 and this applies to months of April, May and November every year. In other months like December, January, February, March, June, July, August, September and October, the price of a gorilla permit costs USD600.00.

What is the price of discounted gorilla permits in Uganda

The price for discounted gorilla permits at USD450.00 is meant to reduce on the overall price of a gorilla tour to allow those who can save sometime to trek gorillas in April, May and or November. These months are considered as low season months in Uganda and as such offering discounts is seen as a way of attracting tourists who would have otherwise not have traveled. The price of discounted gorilla permits keeps on changing year after year and is determined by Uganda Wildlife Authority which is in a charge of all National Parks in Uganda. The price of discounted gorilla permits was at USD350 in 2014 but went on to increase to USD450 in 2015. This reduction in the price of gorilla permits was also meant to make other stakeholders in the tourism industry reduce on the costs of other package components such as Accommodation and transport normally offered by tour operators. As a result, many lodges and tour operators are offering discounts in low seasons of April may and November to make travel in low season affordable to everyone.

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