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Picking chimp permit cards from Uganda Wildlife Authority head office is one of the most important stage in as far as Uganda chimpanzee booking process is concerned. Chimpanzee trekking is the second best primate activity after gorilla trekking in Uganda. Uganda is commonly referred to as the primate capital of Africa and chimpanzee trekking is one of the most sought after activity for those booking and intending to visit Uganda the pearl of Africa. For anyone one to have a chance of trekking habituated chimpanzees in Uganda, he or she must possess a chimpanzee permit card for Kibale National Park and or Kyambura gorge. Other areas where one can visit habituated communities of chimpanzees include Budongo forest in Murchison Falls Conservation areas, Karinzu ecotourism site as well as Bugoma forest.

History of chimp permit cards by Uganda Wildlife Authority

A chimpanzee permit is a card issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority for the case of Uganda and allows one to spend one hour with habituated communities of chimpanzees in Kibale National Park or Kyambura gorge. With your chimpanzee permit card, you may choose to visit gorillas in the morning, mid morning or in the afternoon. Your chimpanzee permit card entitles you to one hour with chimpanzees in the wild, park entry fees for respective parks, services of an armed ranger guide as well as security while in the forest.

When chimpanzee trekking had just started, chimp permits were printed papers or receipts of which one would carry and present on trekking day. With time, Uganda Wildlife Authority introduced chimp permit cards replacing paper permits. These chimp cards have all the details including your passport details as well as the actual trekking date.

When is the best time for picking chimp permit cards from UWA?

Before thinking about picking chimp permit cards from Uganda Wildlife Authority, you must have booked it with Uganda Wildlife Authority. When you contact Encounter Africa safaris, we will check availability of chimpanzee permits trekking in Kibale National Park or Kyambura Gorge. We will then advise on availability for the requested date. If what is available is in agreement with what you want, we will request you to make payment for your chimpanzee permit. Encounter Africa safaris accepts bank transfers, credit card as well as cash depending on your preferred mode of payment. We do not accept payment by Western Union. Once we have the money on our account, we will proceed with booking and buying your chimp permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

When Encounter Africa safaris pays for your chimp permit at Uganda Wildlife Authority, they issue our a receipt and not a card. As proof that we have paid your chimpanzee permit, we will scan and send you copies of these receipts from UWA. At a certain date closer to trekking with will have to take all details to enable UWA print your cards which will then be picked by one of our staff. After picking chimp permit cards from Uganda Wildlife Authority, we will record all details and keep them safely in our office until you some down to Uganda to visit Chimpanzees with us.

Because of logistics at Uganda Wildlife Authority, the best time to pick your chimp permit cards is one week to chimp trekking date. At this time, you are assured that you will visit UWA and be able to find your cards ready for collecting. At Encounter Africa Safaris, we have a database where all your details are kept and even if your card gets lost or misplaced, we will retrieve this and you will be able to trek chimpanzees in Uganda.

Collecting or picking chimp permit cards from Uganda Wildlife Authority, does not give you ownership of these cards. These permit cards are a property of Uganda Wildlife Authority and when you collect them from UWA, you are supposed to present them at the respective park gates before trekking for verification. The warden or clerk in charge will take and check all details on this card, allow you to trek but retain this card. These cards are later sent back to Uganda Wildlife Authority head quarters and used again. Your chimpanzee permit card will expire on the day you trek chimpanzees in Kibale or Kyambura gorge.

Why involve a tour operator in booking and picking chimp permit cards

When you employ services or registered and recognized tour operators, your work becomes easier. If for example you contact us at Encounter Africa safaris, we will handle everything from checking availability, reserving permits, buying chimp permits as well as picking chimp permit cards from Uganda Wildlife Authority. We do the work on your behalf and leave you to concentrate on the rest of your travel arrangements. The only polite condition is that Encounter Africa safaris will only book and pick or collect your chimp permit card when you book an all inclusive tour with us. We have assembled some Uganda safaris on our website that include chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park or Kyambura gorge so feel free to visit our website where selected gorilla, wildlife and cultural experiences are combined with Chimp trekking aimed at giving you an experience of a life time.

Making Encounter Africa safaris your number one choice

There is no company that will provide you with updated and timely information that we do at Encounter Africa safaris. Our ears are always out looking for current and relevant information for all our clients. Our blog has almost all information that you need to assist you arrange your chimpanzee trip to Uganda. Encounter Africa safaris operates 24/7 and all your queries will be addressed promptly. We are Local Ugandans and passionate about what we do. Encounter Africa safaris offers affordable and value for money safaris anytime of the year. For more information about Encounter Africa safaris, feel free to visit our Trip advisor and safari bookings pages to see what our former clients had to say when it comes to our service.

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