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September is knocking and we will soon be welcoming November 2015. As usual, off season months come with discounts and November safari discounts are here for grabs. Much as this is on a short notice, you can save up to 50% of your safari costs if you book your gorilla safari during the month of November.

November safari discounts on gorilla permits.

November 2015 offers the last chance to trek gorillas using discounted gorilla permits at USD350 for foreign none residents and USD300 for foreign residents with a working permit. This is because low season gorilla permits will be increased from USD350 to USD450 in 2016 and 2017 so all those who would like to cut on costs should do it this November. We organize safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and other game parks in Uganda to take advantage of November safari discounts. Contact us for more details on how to obtain your off season gorilla permit this November.

November safari discounts on accommodation.

All lodges and guest houses are aware of the few numbers of tourists during low season months and as such, they tend to offer November safari discounts which can be around about 30% less. We work with many Guest houses, Hotels and Lodges and we are in position to negotiate an affordable rate for your safari in Uganda. Our safari consultants will give you a quick response on how to benefit from this is you send us an email.

November safari discounts on transport

We operate a fleet of 4×4 Safari vehicles that we use to transport all our clients from one destination to another. We are much aware that when others offer November safari discounts, our product must go down as well. If you book an all inclusive safari with us, you stand to benefit so much since vehicle hire costs in November are down compared to other months in the year. Save on permits, accommodation and transport this November.

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