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There lies a region on the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The Nkuringo side probably one of the best place to trek gorillas in the forest. Nkuringo gorillas are popular with tourists who come to Uganda and in the actual sense, Nkuringo may be second in importance after Buhoma. Unlike other trail heads that have more than two gorilla families, Nkirongo has only one family but tourists can still stay in Nkuringo side and trek in Rushaga.

Nkuringo Gorillas

When tracking nkuringo gorillas, you have an opportunity of doing other activities in the forest or the surrounding local community. Nkuringo walking safari is yet another opportunity to explore the forest and nearby community on foot. If you are a nature lover, a forest walk from Buhoma side to the Nkuringo side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is rewarding. While in Nkuringo, you can walk to Lake Mutanda and to Kisoro town. If you have sometime, you can continue to Mgahinga national park for volcano hiking as well. A combination of walks and Nkuringo gorilas makes this part of the forest worth visiting.

The other unique point about Nkuringo gorillas is that they can be trekked from Rwanda and Uganda. Nkuringo is surprisingly close to Rwanda than Uganda if driving from Entebbe. If driving from Kigali, one will take approximately 6-7 hours while the one driving from Entebbe International Airport may take up to 10 hours on the road. From Kigali, you pass through the northern part of this tiny country as if going to Volcanoes National Park. You continue to Chanika Uganda Rwanda boarder and then to Nkuringo via Kisoro town. From Entebbe International Airport, one has to pass via the Equator, to Mbarara, Kabale and onwards to Nkuringo.

There are several lodging facilities available to those planning to trek Nkuringo gorillas. The Rubuguri village has many budget and Midrange accommodation properties while Clouds Mountain gorillas Lodge and Nkuringo Gorilla Camp provide options for Mid Range and up market lodges closer to the starting point respectively.

When planning to trek gorillas in Nkuringo, one needs to do so in advance due to the fact that there is only one gorilla family yet the region is popular due to Clouds Lodge where many tourists prefer to stay as well as other attractions in the area

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